Why Vivo X50 Pro+ don’t have a MicroCloud Gimbal camera? Official Explains

Why Vivo X50 Pro+ don’t have a MicroCloud Gimbal camera?

In addition to the conventional X50 and X50 Pro, they also prepared X50 Pro+, whose configuration is very powerful. Pro+ is costlier than X50 Pro but it doesn’t come with MicroCloud Gimbal camera. Vivo product manager, Han Boxiao explained Why Vivo X50 Pro+ doesn’t have a MicroCloud Gimbal camera.

Why Vivo X50 Pro+ don’t have a MicroCloud Gimbal camera?

Han Boxiao said that Vivo X50 Pro’s Micro-cloud platform is indeed very fragrant, which can guarantee video stabilization and a stronger handheld night scene; but the Samsung ISOCELL GN1 starting from the Vivo X50 Pro+ is too big enough. If you force the micro cloud to be 11mm thick, the X-weight will take precedence in the hand, so it is OIS optical anti-shake and not the micro cloud, but because the bottom is large enough and full-pixel dual-core focusing, to ensure the amount of light and unit image quality, even OIS, Its film production level is one of the best in the industry.

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Samsung calls the GN1 “Engineered for superior focus and clarity,” which translates to “made for superior focus and clarity,” and it seems Samsung is very confident in the sensor’s performance.

Samsung ISOCELL Gn1

Focusing: Full-pixel dual-core focusing technology, with two photodiodes in each pixel for super-fast autofocus and object capture.

Clarity: The GN1 has 50 megapixels and can synthesize 100 megapixels photos using software algorithms, each pixel is 1.2μm in size, and large pixels of 2.4μm can be synthesized by Tetracell technology in a four-pixel format.

Samsung ISOCELL Gn1

The GN1 also has ISOCELL Plus technology for more natural colors, intelligent ISO for noise reduction, real-time HDR with excellent detail and contrast, and more. As I got to know the GN1 better, I wanted to know how the X50 Pro+ performed in terms of imaging. Expect the X50 Pro+ to go on sale in July.

Besides the camera, Pro+ also bring Snapdragon 865 + UFS3.1 + LPDDR5 + 120Hz + Hi-Fi blessing at the price of 4998 about ₹52,900.


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