Vivo TWS Neo Review – High Performance And Cost-effective

Vivo TWS Neo Review

Vivo TWS Neo Review

Vivo TWS Neo Review

Let Vivo can peace of mind to cancel the headphone port of this real wireless, you want to know what you do not rest assured and your motivation to chop, is all here!

Vivo TWS Neo Review

At the end of last year, Vivo launched their first true wireless headset Vivo TWS, after a year of user outcry, the sale price directly hit the thousand yuan level, mobile phone manufacturers did not make a general sense of walking the price of the phone accessories, which is not unexpected. But Vivo has done a positioning high-end features and materials are the top of the time and excellent sound quality of the headphones, which is a reasonable thing to do, HiFi this flag in the modern mobile phone manufacturers are they carry up, will not easily lose face.

Note: This post/review is retrieved from Weibo and written by Headphone bar Alpaca (as Known on Weibo), thus in this post “I” refer to original author “Headphone bar Alpaca“.

Vivo TWS Neo Review

Soon, various manufacturers are working on TWS products at the same time, and the problems of binaural simultaneous transmission, connection speed, latency, and other user experience are being solved better and better, but the price is getting closer to the level of mobile phone accessories. At this point, Vivo users’ demand for TWS products became more and more straightforward: I wanted a truly wireless headset with lower prices, better sound, more features, and optimized for my brand. Thus came the Vivo TWS Neo. Here are the Vivo TWS Neo review and its specialty. Let’s start from Vivo TWS Neo technical specifications.

Vivo TWS Neo Technical Specifications

FeaturesVivo TWS Neo
ColorWhite, Blue
Headphone Size33.95 × 18.6 × 16.5 mm
Case Size58.1 × 51.6 × 24.0 mm
Total Weight45.7g
Headphone Weight4.7g
ProtectionHeadset supports IP54 waterproof,
case supports secondary waterproof
Voice and Call
Sound Unit14.2mm dynamic coil unit
Headphone formsemi-in-ear
Frequency response range20Hz-20000HZ
Audio DecodingaptX Adaptive,
Microphonedual beamforming microphone
Binaural callStand by
Call Noise Reductionsmart call noise reduction
Wireless TechnologyTwo-way transmission 2.0,
intelligent dynamic low latency
Delay88ms minimum
BluetoothBluetooth 5.2
Functional experience
Ear DetectionDual capacitive in-ear detection
Key FlashStand by
Touch OperationDouble tap and hold/slide
Smart InteractionJovi Voice Message Broadcast 2.0, Real-time Translation, Find Headphones, Smart Upgrade
Charging Life
Charging InterfaceType-C
Headset Capacity25mAh (minimum capacity) / 30mAh (standard capacity) x2
Case capacity400mAh (minimum capacity); B415mAh (standard capacity)
Battery Lifestandard sound quality up to 5.5 hours, high sound quality ears up 4.2 hours long,
With a charging box up to 27 hours of battery life
Charging timeabout 100min; headset: about 45min
Vivo TWS Neo Technical Specifications

Bluetooth 5.2

First of all, functionality, Bluetooth has been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.2, which is the first of all TWS products, and the standard was only officially introduced in January this year, as well as the matching chip, which only the top mobile phone giants can hold in their hands at present, and according to normal practice may be exclusive for a while.

Vivo TWS Neo Review

aptX Adaptive Sound

The other exclusive is aptX Adaptive, which was released in 2018 but never saw mass production, and the pie that Qualcomm drew that year is gluttonous: this audio protocol allows your Bluetooth device to have an audio signal transmission higher than 320kbps, but when the transmission efficiency is reduced due to the connection signal, aptX Adaptive adjusts the bit rate in real-time to ensure that the connection is not interrupted.

Vivo TWS Neo Review

It solves the disconnection and jams that often occur with traditional high bitrate Bluetooth protocols while ensuring sound quality most of the time. At the same time, this protocol is also backward compatible with aptX and aptX-HD, arguably the best solution currently available to address connectivity stability and sound quality levels in all Bluetooth audio products. In addition to this, the Vivo TWS Neo supports both AAC and SBC transmission schemes.

5.5 Hours Battery | with Case 27 hours

The Vivo TWS Neo has also seen an improvement in its range, increasing its standalone range from 4 hours to 5.5, and the total range of the case aptX Adaptive compartment has increased battery life from 24 hours to 27 hours, which should be enough for at least two days of heavy use. Waterproof and dustproof are still IP54, splash-proof, and normal use of sweat, and rain is not a threat.

Vivo TWS Neo Review

Wearing Experience

Wearing-wise, the Vivo TWS Neo has the same styling as the TWS first generation, and the two earbuds are by far the best fit to the ear canal of any half-in ear shape I’ve used.

The half in-ear shape into the ear canal is generally shallow, and more coarse, often to the ear canal of the fit is poor, the sound leakage problem is second only to the flat plug, but Vivo TWS first-generation and Vivo TWS Neo into the ear canal part of the shape and the ear canal of the fit is very high, very ergonomic, plus the shell material, skin, and friction are good, in addition to wearing a very high degree of stability, if worn slightly harder and tighter, you can achieve a close to the shallow in-ear headphones sound insulation effect, for the amount of sound information, especially the retention of low-frequency quantitative sense, will have great benefits.

Vivo TWS Neo Review


The operation did not make too many changes, retaining the previous highly acclaimed sliding + touch operation logic, but in the headset handle, sliding operation area is specifically cut out a flat surface, although the appearance of the appearance is not obvious, when a sliding operation can be more clearly perceived operation area, a very humane design. Besides, the automatic stop-and-go back to playback functions are standard, and the recognition is still very accurate.

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The Vivo TWS Neo can be said to be a masterpiece of the user’s needs. The one-touch pairing function is extremely convenient when using the X50 phone test, you can take out the headset to complete the pairing directly and display the power in time. The smart call noise reduction, silent upgrade, and other functions are considered from the actual user experience scene, especially the new headset search function, by allowing the headset to play sensitive sound, to help you find the headset that may be forgotten in the couch gap, car corner, never worry about losing.

Vivo TWS Neo Review

In terms of compatibility, the Vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones not only work perfectly with the X50 series but also support most of Vivo’s mainstream models such as the S series, X series, NEX series, iQOO brand and so on.

88ms Low Latency

There is also the most amazing low latency part, the latency problem may be the only advantage of the currently wired headset relative to Bluetooth headset in gaming and video, but as the first time to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone hole Vivo production model, X50 series with 88ms extreme low latency Vivo TWS Neo can be said to be full of gas, after all, 88ms is the current TWS product latency is a new low, measured in the game and video application scenes, the impact of the latency on the experience is already minimal.

If you are interested in testing and comparing specific latency values, you can use Audio Latency Test (an APP to test the latency of Bluetooth devices, which feels like it will be the new main battleground in the future of Bluetooth audio products)

That’s about it for the main features, and finally, let’s talk about the most important one – the sound

Sound Quality

Although the Vivo TWS Neo is priced at just RMB 499 about ₹5,300, the sound hardware configuration is a complete value for money, and the 14.2mm oversized sound unit, biofiber coated diaphragm, and Japanese Daikoku pure copper coils are a pleasant surprise.

First of all, the low frequencies of the Vivo TWS Neo are very tight and solid, but for flat earbuds and semi-earbuds, the low frequencies are very much dependent on the earbuds. As mentioned above, earbuds of this structure are prone to leakage, and if the ear canal is too large or the earbuds are too small, the low frequencies you hear on the Vivo TWS Neo are very deep and flexible. But either way, the Vivo TWS Neo’s low-frequency dive and texture are at the top of the current TWS offering.

Vivo TWS Neo Review

The vocal parts don’t change much, maintaining a nice thickness and clarity of the mouth shape, and the female voice’s dentition is well controlled, improving the overall listening tolerance. The Vivo TWS Neo’s low-midrange feel is also just right, after excluding the somewhat dramatic low-frequency feel of its predecessor, and is generally a normal human voice tuned to the earbuds, relatively more suitable for male pop and mature female voices.

The Vivo TWS Neo’s treatment of brightness and linearity in the high frequencies will make the sound more “durable”, and the sense of upward extension of the sound remains good, the instrument has more airy, more real and fresh.

That’s how the sound section was introduced, and overall, the Vivo TWS Neo’s performance can be said to have “exceeded expectations”. At the same time, under the supply chain and channel advantages brought by its volume, Vivo’s new product is also at the forefront of the current similar products in terms of sound and function.


I would like to add one last thing about my own experience, many people’s impression of Bluetooth headset may still be on the repeated search for connection and the delay of game and video scenes, but from my experience during the evaluation of Vivo TWS Neo, the opening of the cover to connect has made the TWS more convenient to use than the wired headset, and the 88ms delay is not an obvious obstacle to games and videos.

With the advancement of Bluetooth technology and the attention of mobile phone giants to Bluetooth products, the era of wireless has indeed arrived, and you are the first batch of beneficiaries of the users of the first few mobile phone manufacturers in this regard.


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