Legion Gaming Phone 3C Certified; Is Lenovo Playing Gimmick Again?

Legion Gaming Phone 3C Certified | Lenovo L79031

Legion Gaming Phone 3C Certified | Lenovo L79031

Earlier Lenovo said that its upcoming gaming will bring 90W super-fast charging which can charge 4000mAh battery 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes. According to the source, A new model Lenovo L79031 is 3C certified.

A model Lenovo L79031, is Lenovo’s 5G digital mobile phone is now 3C certified and equipped with a 45W charger. Both the applicant and the manufacturer are Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the manufacturer is Motorola (Wuhan) Mobile Technology Communications Co., Ltd. with the first issue date being June 1.

Legion Gaming Phone 3C Certified | Lenovo L79031

According to the digital chat station, the phone should be a Lenovo Legion Gaming phone. If this is Legion Gaming Phone than Lenovo is playing again gimmick similar to previously promotion method 100 megapixel camera, which is a total of all camera.

Now its looks like this type of gimmick are coming to Legion Gaming Phone. In April this year, Lenovo Legion announced that it supports 90W fast charging. However, there are confirmed reports that the phone comes with two USB-C ports, which allows for 90W of fast charging speed. For example, two 45W chargers connected at the same time, 45W + 45W, is that’s Lenovo’s 90W fast charging?

Besides, Lenovo Legion gaming phone also used a depth of customized landscape interactive layout: landscape status bar all moved to the right, the UI of the setting interface is also optimized. The phone also hinted to comes with a pop-up front camera, which is positioned on the side.


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