Vivo X50 Pro Live Photos of Hands On – Thin, Light And Comfortable

Vivo X50 Pro Live Photos

Vivo X50 Pro Live Photos

Vivo X50 Pro Live Photos Exposure

The folks at Watch Blue Factory have been previewing the Vivo X50 series for a long time and finally got their hands on the real thing today and finally Vivo X50 Pro live photos appeared.

Vivo X50 Pro Live Photos

The X50 Pro is very thin and light overall, with a curved screen with very little curvature, and an AG glass back covers that looks like a blue gradient, which is elegant and introverted and feels very comfortable in the hand.

Vivo X50 Pro Live Photos

The micro cloud is the biggest selling point of this time, this set of lens module is very interesting, the same matrix, three steps of excessive to thin body design is very good, does not have a sense of abruptness, but adds layers, looks simple and elegant.

Vivo X50 Pro Camera

Today, Vivo official microblogging again released a video: “This is the Vivo X50 series, a phone with a professional gimbal. Whether you’re taking pictures, or videos, the MicroCloud Stereoscopic Anti-Shake allows you to shoot steadily.”

Vivo X50 Pro Camera Disassembling Teaser

As we can see from the released video, the upcoming Vivo X50 pro main camera, which will be released on June 1, is equipped with an anti-shake micro cloud, which has a good anti-shake effect and is small and easy to carry.

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Relying on the play of the anti-shake micro cloud, the Vivo X50 series not only improved anti-shake efficiency but also greatly improved the ability to shoot in dark light.

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The Vivo X50 Pro is equipped with a sophisticated anti-shake micro cloud structure that compensates for the displacement generated by the main camera by electromagnetic induction, thereby offsetting the jitter in the frame, a lossless form of mechanical anti-shake.

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