Redmi 10X Pro Review; Camera, Performance, Battery Life And Lot More

Redmi 10X Pro Review

“We’ve already proven success with the SoC vendor’s deep customization model with the Redmi Note 8 Pro last year, and the Redmi 10X is sure to live up to expectations as the second product in the custom SoC lineup.” At the beginning of the 10X series launch, Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing wrote the above paragraph on Weibo, showing his confidence in the Dimensity 820. Redmi 10X Pro Review is here now.

Redmi 10X Pro Review

Performance is outstanding After updating its flagship line, Redmi is bringing back the X-series mid-range line this month, the second new line after Lu Weibing’s tenure, and the 10X is the first model in the series.

In terms of positioning, the Redmi 10X series is the mid-range and high-end, which is where Redmi excels in the price segment. After all, Redmi used to start with the mid-range and was tasked with the volume of blood transfusion to the flagship, so Redmi is better at playing in the mid-range market, and this is the case with the 10X series.

Redmi 10X Pro Specifications
Display6.57-inch Samsung AMOLED screen
SoCMediaTek Dimensity 820 5G
128GB/256GB UFS 2.1
Rear Camera48MP main camera
8MP super wide-angle
8MP telephoto
5MP macro
Front Camera20MP
UnlockingUnder-screen fingerprint recognition, camera face unlock
4520mAh battery
33W PD fast charge
OSBased on Android 10 MIUI (OTA MIUI 12)
ColorsBlue, White, Orange and Purple
Price2299/2599 Yuan ($322/364)
Redmi 10X Pro Specifications

The Redmi 10X Pro is available in Night Violet, Deep Sea Blue, and Misty Moon Gold colorways, and we have this one in Misty Moon Gold.

Mobile phone packaging
The side of the package is a simple parameter of the mobile phone
Phone front
Phone front

Redmi 10X Pro Introduction

The Redmi 10X Pro has a water drop form on the front, which was the most popular design in the last year, including some flagship models, and has also used a water drop screen before.

Why not lift structures? The reason may be the cost of control if part of the configuration is abandoned for a lifting front camera, seems not to be in line with the mid-range cost-performance concept, and then the weight, the lifting structure will increase the weight of the body, the big battery itself is already heavy enough, if coupled with the mechanical module, I’m afraid it can exercise “unicorn arm”.

In terms of parameters, the Redmi 10X Pro uses a 6.57-inch Samsung AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080, peak brightness of 800nit, support for HDR10+, and DC dimming, and also has a deep color mode 2.0.

Unfortunately, the machine does not support the current popular high refresh rate, in the case of cost difference, facing the LCD screen of 90Hz high refresh screen, or good quality AMOLED screen, Redmi chose the latter.

Phone back
Phone back

The Redmi 10X Pro is designed with 3D curved glass on the back, the corners are more curved, and it is not gripped in the hand, the rear quad camera is arranged in a rectangular shape, centered layout, and the flash is in the same frame. The NFC chip is retained inside the body, and a linear motor is provided.

Officially, the machine uses Corning’s fifth-generation gorilla glass on the front, including the AG frosting process in the Misty Moon Gold color scheme, which has a frosted texture and is not easily stained with fingerprints, while supporting IP53 dust and splash-proof. In terms of materials, Redmi continues the tradition of excellence, as always, to rave reviews.

The right side of the fuselage is the power button and volume button, of which the power button is highlighted in red
The left side of the fuselage is a SIM card slot
The top of the fuselage is open for infrared and microphone
The bottom of the fuselage is 1217 super linear speaker, microphone, USB Type-C interface, 3.5mm headphone jack
Random standard charger that supports up to 11V / 3A

Redmi 10X Pro Ui and Features

Although MIUI 12 has already been released, this Redmi 10X Pro in our hands is still a stable version of MIUI 11 and will be pushed with MIUI 12 later.

Desktop and negative one screen; It’s currently the desktop for MIUI 11, not much to say after all MIUI 12 has been released and it’s only a matter of time before the Redmi 10X Pro upgrade.

Redmi 10X Pro Review ; Desktop and negative one screen

Camera play; The Redmi 10X Pro camera is the first to release 6 creative long exposure features, including Crowd-Shifting, Neon Night, Running Clouds, Creative Light Painting, Starry Sky, Romantic Star Track, etc., which allow users to take creative photos without professional settings.

Infrared and NFC; It has to be said that no matter how well the 10X Pro performs, in terms of retaining IR and NFC, it’s worth giving Redmi credit for its performance, not to mention that it’s a cost-effective machine at a cost that would be saved if it didn’t. These two features make the phone more versatile and directly involved in life, such as using infrared to control appliances in the home, NFC to swipe the access card traffic card, etc.

Infrared and NFC

Redmi 10x Pro Camera Review

Redmi 10X Pro rear quad camera solution, parameters are 48 megapixels ultra-clear main camera (supports 4-in-1, hardware straight out 48 megapixels photos) + 8 megapixels super wide-angle + 8 megapixels telephoto (OIS optical anti-shake) + 5 megapixels macro lens, supports 3x optical zoom, 30x digital zoom, basically covers the shooting of daily use scenes.

Redmi 10X Pro Camera Specifications; Redmi 10X Pro Review

The shooting time was around 9 a.m., the weather was cloudy, the phone system version is MIUI stable, the default photo mode.

Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Daytime

Looking at the zoom sample, the Redmi 10X Pro takes full advantage of the 8 megapixel’s telephoto sensor’s ability to see the text clearly in the distance, even at a distance. Especially after the 3x zoom, the picture is not affected much.

Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Daytime
Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Daytime
Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Daytime
Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Daytime
Zoom is not turned on
3X optical zoom
30X digital zoom
Super wide angle is not turned on
Turn on super wide angle

The ultra-wide-angle lens didn’t cope either, but there are still purple edges around the edges, but understandably so, after all, many flagship models now have purple edges when the ultra-wide-angle is turned on.

Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Night

The shooting time was around 7-8 pm with clear, slightly hazy weather. The 48-megapixel quad-camera has been used for a long time and has been tuned and polished to give full play to its capabilities, making the overall picture a good one.

Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Night Mode Off
Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Night Mode On
Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Night
Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Night
Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Night
Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample: Night
Redmi 10X Pro Creative light painting mode
Redmi 10X Pro Creative light painting mode

Here we briefly experimented with the creative light painting mode, stabilized by a tripod, which is a great way to write out of thin air, and the neon night screen, which collects intense light and creates a motion track, which is also effective for handheld shots.

Redmi 10X Pro Performance

The Redmi 10X Pro is powered by the Dimensity 820 5G SoC, available in version, and in our hands this one is 8+256GB. The Dimensity 820 is MediaTek’s newly released 5G SoC, which uses a 7nm process. The CPU is composed of 4 × A76 2.6GHz + 4 × A55 2.0GHz with 4 large cores and 4 small cores, and the GPU is ARM Mali-G57 MC5 graphics processor.

In terms of the baseband, the Dimensity 820 supports 5G NSA/SA networking, covering n1, n3, n41, n78, n79 mainstream 5G bands, and supports dual 5G standby, realizing dual 5G simultaneous presence and switching 5G networks at any time.

Redmi 10X Pro Antutu Benchmark

After actual testing, the Redmi 10X Pro with the Dimensity 820 ran at 403073, easily surpassing 400,000, with both CPU and GPU scores reaching over 12000, making it one of the strongest mid-range performance.

Redmi 10X Pro Antutu Benchmark

Redmi 10X Pro Storage test

The Redmi 10X Pro uses UFS 2.1 flash memory with Write Turbo+HPB assistance at the software level, giving it a storage test score of 43011.

Redmi 10X Pro Storage test; Redmi 10X Pro Review

Redmi 10X Pro 5G network speed test

It should be noted that my SIM card does not have a 5G package, but the Redmi 10X Pro still achieves good Internet speed performance, with a download speed of 553.3mbps and upload speed of 90.9mbps.

Redmi 10X Pro 5G network speed test

According to the official description, Redmi 10X Pro supports 5G network 1T4R SRS quad antenna wheeling to accurately judge the data path between the phone and the base station, improve the data exchange rate with the base station, and the official optimization for 5G pain point scenarios, such as 5G elevator mode, 5G high-speed rail mode, etc. Since 5G networks are not currently in heavy use and may be affected, this is for reference only.

Gaming on Redmi 10X Pro

In actual testing, the Redmi 10X Pro is completely smooth in the Glory of Kings game, and the frame rate has been stable at around 60FPS. Besides, there is no exaggerated large area of heat during the game, so users who like to play games can rest assured.

Officially, the 10X Pro has a liquid-cooled heat dissipation system with a built-in suspension heat pipe at the core, plus 5 layers of graphite flakes and high thermal conductivity to cover the CPU and charging chip. Through the actual game, it was found that it did have some effect.

Redmi 10X Pro Charging and battery life

The Redmi 10X Pro comes with a 4520mAh battery and we used video and gaming to briefly test its endurance performance.

Online video power consumption test; Starting at 44% power, Wi-Fi connection, 1080P picture quality, 50% brightness, volume default. After 30 minutes, the Redmi 10X Pro has 40% power left and 4% power consumption.

Online video power consumption test
Online video power consumption test

Game power consumption test; Wi-Fi connection, full-height effects, 50% brightness, volume default, starting at 36% power. After 30 minutes, the 10X Pro has 27% remaining power and 9% power consumption

Game power consumption test
Game power consumption test

Charging test; The Redmi 10X Pro supports 33W PD wired fast charging, converts up to 97% charge pump technology, connects to Wi-Fi, and records every 10 minutes. The machine was tested from 10% to 100% in 75 minutes, with 10 minutes to charge 20%.

Redmi 10X Pro Review: CONCLUSION

The Redmi 10X Pro is a repositioned mid-range 5G model, with materials and performance that tend to bucket down, making it a textbook for the next generation of mid-range 5G phones.

Redmi 10X Pro Review

After many years, MediaTek’s SoCs are back in the public eye again, with the Dimensity series, which wants to take advantage of the 5G to return to the top again.

This time, it uses a square quad camera and a teardrop screen, which is a common design style these days, but it doesn’t have an eye-catching design, but with the price, it’s not too much to ask.

The gorilla fifth generation glass, AG technology, infrared remote control + multifunction NFC, 33W PD flash, linear motor, etc., these features are all part of this cost-effective model, last year may not dare to think, but Redmi did, although with the K series flagship, but did not distract Redmi, proving that the mid-range model is still its strong point. Taken together, the Redmi 10X Pro is a pretty good friend.

The 10X Pro will be available in 8/128GB for RMB 2,229 ($322) and 8/256GB configuration going for RMB 2,599 ($364). First sale starting on June 6.

Source: Antutu

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