Bug Crashes Samsung’s Multiple Phones; Official Response to Solve Soon

Bug Crashes Samsung's Multiple Phones

Bug Crashes Samsung's Multiple Phones

Bug Crashes Samsung’s Multiple Phones

In today’s morning, a large number of Samsung mobile phone users posted on Weibo that their Samsung devices encountered black screens and large-scale restart problems. The affected mobile phone users include S8, S9, S10, and even S20 models, which may be the problem of the lock screen lunar calendar time. It is recommended that you turn off the automatic update after entering the system, modify the date to another date, and then turn off the automatic update time, and wait for the official repair.

Some bloggers said that some models of Samsung’s system crashed today due to a bug in the old version of the lock screen app caused by the Chinese calendar in April.

Some blogger infers that Samsung phones should be experiencing time bugs/server crashes, here are preliminary solutions to bug.

Solution 1

Solution 2

The official response to the problem, Samsung Galaxy mobile phone official said that they have received feedback on system problems, is actively investigating the cause and provide the corresponding solution as soon as possible.

Dear Samsung mobile phone users, we have received feedback from some users about the system problems. At present, we are actively investigating the causes and providing corresponding solutions as soon as possible.

– Response by Samsung Galaxy Weibo
Official Response on Weibo

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