Snapdragon 6 Series 5G Chip Specs Leak; Make 5G Phone More Cheap

Snapdragon 6 Series 5G chip Specifications

5G phones shipped rapidly at the same time, the new 5G chip is also constantly unveiled. Now, the digital chat station revealed some information about Qualcomm’s first Snapdragon 6 Series 5G chip.

Snapdragon 6 Series 5G chip Specifications

The first Snapdragon 6 Series 5G chip, named Snapdragon SM6350, has a CPU of two large cores + six small cores, two large cores at 2.246GHz, and six small cores at 1.804GHz, paired with an Adreno 615 GPU graphics core at a maximum frequency of 850MHz. As for what CPU architecture to use, there’s no word yet on the optional ARM Cortex A76 and A77.

This year, Qualcomm accelerated the deployment of 5G SoC, high-end to mid-range basic coverage, successively launched Snapdragon 865 (with X55), 765G, 768G, and other chips. And now there is the new Snapdragon 6 series that support 5G.

According to the naming law, Snapdragon 6 Series positioning should be lower than the 7 Series, while the Snapdragon 7 Series 5G new phones have entered the price segment of ₹20,000 or even less, then this 6 Series 5G SoC should be mainly in the range of 12-15 thousand INR, and 5G phone prices will be further down.


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