Redmi 10X Series Bring 30x Zoom And OIS; Sample from Pro Version Shared

Redmi 10X Series Bring 30x Zoom And OIS

Redmi 10X Series Bring 30x Zoom And OIS

Redmi 10X Series Bring 30x Zoom And OIS

This morning, Redmi Mobile officially announced the 10X camera feature, saying that the Redmi 10X series comes with a 30x zoom quad camera and OIS optical anti-shake, a camera configuration that is rare for the same price point if the camera is positioned in the range of 12-16K INR.

Redmi 10X Series Bring 30x Zoom And OIS

In addition to the camera’s configuration, the Redmi 10X series also features an AI camera that lets you be the center of attention in a crowd with a single click, take a shot of a stream of light at night, and “write a cloud confession out of thin air.”

In the meantime, Redmi Product Director Wang Teng Thomas also announced that the new Redmi 10X supports Romantic Star Track mode.

According to Wang Teng, if you want to take a photo of a star track, you need a professional SLR camera + shutter line, manual adjustment of ISO, shutter, aperture and other parameters, post color mixing and stacking steps, but Redmi 10X’s romantic star track mode can take a photo of a star track with just one click. He also debuted a demo sample of the Redmi 10X Pro.

Redmi 10X Pro Camera Sample

Reportedly, the Redmi 10X series will be available in at least two models, the high-grade version of the first Dimensity 820 5G SoC (or the whole series), support dual-mode 5G and dual 5G standby, dual 5G simultaneous network, can visualize the signal status of two 5G cards, when using different operators, always switch the signal better 5G network.

In terms of appearance, the official has announced two colorways, namely Night Violet and Deep Sea Blue, with AMOLED water-drop screen on the front and rectangular quad-camera on the back, supporting screen fingerprint recognition.

Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing said, we have already proved the success of deep customization mode with SoC manufacturers last year with Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi 10X as the second-star product of custom SoC will certainly live up to expectations!

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