Official Explains Honor X10 camera technology of RYYB Sensor

Honor X10 camera technology

Honor X10 camera technology

Honor X10 camera technology of RYYB Sensor

Honor Phone recently released the new Honor X10 phone, which uses 40 megapixel’s Sony IMX600y RYYB high-sensitivity rear camera module. Today, Junmin Xiong, Vice President of Products at Honor Business Unit, also explained Honor X10 camera technology.

Honor X10 Official Introduction

According to Xiong Junmin, the Honor X10 equipped with 1/1.7 inch RYYB ultra-sensitive sensor’s main role is to convert light into digital signals that the machine can recognize, the larger the physical size of the sensor can get more light intake, and thus the more digital information is converted.

Honor X10 RYYB Sensor

RGGB was the mainstream choice for image sensors until the advent of RYYB, a technology that, like RGGB, is also a “coloring” technology, inspired by yellow sunglasses, replacing R-GG-B with R-YY-B is equivalent to R-RGRG-B, which is equivalent to half the amount of light coming in under the same lens and sensor.

RYYB achieves a 40% increase in light intake compared to RGGB, and the algorithmically processed photos will be much brighter than the original mode. Photos taken with the 40 megapixel’s RYYB lens in dark light maintain a high ISO value while controlling noise well.

Besides, the Honor X10 features a flagship ISP 5.0 image processing unit integrated into the Kirin 820 chip, which supports BM3D image noise reduction and dual-domain joint noise reduction, resulting in a significant improvement in ISP throughput, energy efficiency, and USB power for photos and videos. With Huawei’s first mobile phone, BM3D (Block-Matching and 3D filtering) SLR-grade image noise reduction technology, photos are also 30% more noise-canceling, and you can take very clear pictures in dark light.

The Honor X10 also supports OWL Algorithm 2.0, which works with the ISP 5.0 image processing unit in the Kirin 820 to process images in the RAW domain, retaining more detail and enhancing brightness in extremely dark environments, and can brilliantly restore the color of the subject itself, with very clear detail retention.

Honor X10 Handheld Straight Out Sample
Honor X10 “Eagle Eye” AI snapshot

Thanks to the precise combination of AI 4D focus, shutter priority, and “zero” shutter delay, the Honor X10 can capture cat jumping moments. When the user turns on the camera, the Honor X10’s AI 4D focus tracking feature is automatically activated. Once a moving object is identified, autofocusing begins, and the speckled tracking moment ensures that the subject is within focus. After locking the moving target, the Honor X10 triggers a “shutter priority” algorithm that automatically controls the exposure time, while the shutter speed increases instantaneously up to 6x.

Honor Owl Algorithm 2.0

When completing the “identification” and “snapshot” two links, but also to achieve nearly zero shutter delay, to ensure that the mobile phone shooting from the identification of the subject, fast exposure shooting process in one shot, to ensure that the user experience is what you see is what you shoot.

In addition to taking photos, the Honor X10 also supports 4K Ultra HD time-lapse photography, 960 frames of super slow motion, AI color retention, dark video, and AIS anti-shake.


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