Vivo X50 Pro Rendering Frist to Debut New 50MP Samsung ISOCELL GN1

Vivo X50 Pro Rendering, vivo x50 pro Camera module

Vivo X50 Pro Rendering

Vivo X50 Pro Rendering

Camera capability has always been a very important place for major mobile phone manufacturers, so to improve the performance and function of the camera, not only the main camera specifications are getting stronger, but also the number of cameras is increasing, as long as the camera can be improved, the basic will be used by mobile phones. Now, mobile phone photography will usher in new gameplay, Vivo X50 Pro will use a PTZ Gimbal micro cloud camera, its anti-shake and night photography performance is very strong.

Vivo X50 Pro Rendering

Now the Vivo X50 Pro Rendering is exposed. It can be seen that it uses a rear four-camera design. The darkest technology is the upper micro-gimbal lens to achieve a super anti-shake function, similar to the effect of the handheld gimbal. “PRO” “AI QUAD CAMERA” and other characters are also printed next to the telescopic lens. The back cover of the fuselage is light blue and light green, with a curved surface design, which looks like glass material.  The front side will use punch hole display for front camera.

Vivo X50 Pro Front Rendering

According to Vivo’s official introduction on the APEX 2020 concept mobile phone, compared to OIS optical image stabilization, the micro-camera image stabilization can increase the image stabilization angle by 200%, which means that the Vivo X50 Pro’s camera has improved greatly. Today, the preheating video released by Vivo revealed the camera part of the X50 Pro. It can be found that the main camera of the micro platform is very large, much larger than the three lenses next to it, and much larger than any other smartphone.

Vivo APEX 2020 – Introduction to Breakthrough Technologies.

Vivo X50 Pro Appearance (Official)

The Vivo X50 Pro’s micro-camera camera is placed on the top independently. The appearance is equivalent to the size of two ordinary cameras. It is estimated that the internal will occupy a considerable amount of mobile phone space. So is it meant to improve the camera performance for anti-shake? From the standpoint of taking pictures alone, this new technology is naturally very meaningful, but whether it is good or bad depends on other configurations. If you lose a large battery life for the camera, then the significance is not significant.

Vivo X50 Pro Official Teaser

The reason why the lens module indirectly affects battery life is mainly that the internal space of the mobile phone is large, especially the increase of 5G mobile phone parts, which has a great impact on the size of the mobile phone body and will cause the 5G mobile phone to become thick. Therefore, to keep the body light and thin, the battery capacity will inevitably be reduced, and this will affect battery life. Of course, Vivo X50 Pro has not yet been released, how to wait for the follow-up confirmation.

Vivo X50 Pro Camera Module

There are the biggest rumors that Vivo X50 Pro will use the latest Samsung ISOCELL GN1 Sensor. Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of its first 50-megapixel CMOS image sensor ISOCELL GN1, which claims to bring SLR-level low-light performance and autofocus speed. The single-pixel of GN1 is 1.2μm, supporting four pixels in one, which is 2.4μm / 12.5-megapixel photos. There is a high probability that the first production model should be the Vivo X50 Pro, which will be released at the beginning of next month.

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