Motorola Edge+ Teardown Video Exposure

Motorola Edge+ teardown video

Motorola Edge+ teardown video

Motorola Edge+ Teardown Video

PBKreviews released Motorola Edge+ teardown video on YouTube. A disassembly reveals that to open the Motorola Edge+, strong heat is required to melt the very strong adhesive of the phone, almost giving the impression that the phone should have an IP68 protection rating, but the official only claims that it supports splash resistance.

Motorola Edge+ teardown video

What can be confirmed is that the back of the machine is made of glass, and Motorola’s promotional materials are somewhat ambiguous on this issue. Also, the machine has a 6000 series aluminum center frame, but the outside is covered with some thick coating, so it’s a bit hard to identify.

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The body has a lot of antennas inside (due to 5G support) and a lot of copper between key components for heat dissipation, though there don’t seem to be any liquid containers for heat dissipation. The 108MP camera module is huge, and the vibration motor is a bit small, but it works well.

Besides, the internal battery is firmly glued, as is the backplate, which is a pain to replace. The hyperbolic display is also not easy to disassemble, and this video also caused damage to the screen when disassembled.


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