Realme Gaming Phone Release Date Officially Confirmed

Realme Gaming Phone Release Date

On May 13th, this morning, the official Weibo of realme brought the news of the new product warm-up.

Realme says: broken, is daring to be different from others. True, it is to keep the initial heart of the leapfrog. May 25, 14 o’clock, Realme’s 8 new products will be launched. You’re invited to join us for the BreakingDimensionalMobile Launch!

Two days ago, realme already warmed up the news of the launch, from the video of its announcement, realme this time to bring a game phone, because the various products in the video are related to the game, so the previously exposed realme new phone is also considered to be a real gaming phone name.

Realme Gaming Phone

In addition to mobile phones, from the poster announced by realme today, from the official announcement of the poster, the new products at this conference also include mobile phones, mobile power bank, true wireless Bluetooth headphones and so on, a total of 8 products will be debuted together.

Realme New Products Teaser

The design of the realme gaming phone is a change from realme’s current phone design, with a very recognizable combination of black and gold lines on the back, and a lens that looks very textured without bulges.

Realme’s Unreleased Masterpiece Phone

REALME executives also tweeted that the new REALME machine is a high-end flagship that will be the 5G flagship goalkeeper for the first half of 2020.


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