LG WING Phone Design Exposure – Rotating Main Display to Reveal 2nd Screen

LG WING Phone Rendering

LG WING Phone Rendering

LG WING Phone Design Exposure

While the exterior design of mobile phones hasn’t been much of a breakthrough in recent years, consumers are looking forward to the emergence of products that look even more stunning. Now, LG wants to break from the norm with an amazing phone design called as LG WING Phone.


LG’s new 5G Velvet was just released in South Korea on the 7th of this month, and the industry has been raving about its rear camera design, which is unlike any of the new models out there, with a water-drop lens that has a great sense of design and recognition.

Today, LG’s renderings of yet another new phone were revealed online, and unlike the Velvet, this one looks more exaggerated in its design.

It is neither a foldable screen nor a curved screen, but a screen and keyboard can be rotated to separate the design, the main screen can be placed horizontally on top of the body, of course, can also be displayed vertically, when the main screen is displayed horizontally, there is a small screen below the main screen for auxiliary input, and this brings the advantage that when you watch the video operation horizontally, the palm can still maintain the grip of the vertical screen, typing, and other operations.

LG WING Phone Rendering

The model’s name reflects the “madness” of the new design: the LG Wing’s main screen can be rotated and a second screen displayed below, eventually lining up in a “T-shape” – phones with rotating screens are actually nothing new, as the Samsung SGH-Z130 has done before, except that the physical buttons on the bottom have been replaced with virtual touch screen, the new LG wing phone will feature a 6.8-inch screen and a Snapdragon 7 processor.

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The LG Wing phone should still be in the conceptual stage and it’s too early to say when it will go into mass production, so what do you think if LG releases this model?

Samsung SGH-Z130 (image credit – Phonearena)

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