Galaxy Note 20 Display Specifications Leaked Along with Note 20+

Galaxy Note 20 Display Specifications Leaked Along with Note 20+

The high refresh rate is the mainstream of this year’s mobile phones, and is the standard of flagship phones, from 90Hz to 120Hz and then to 144Hz, the refresh rate of mobile phones has reached the level of PC gaming in a short time.

Samsung released the Galaxy S20 series in the first half of the screen support 120Hz refresh rate, while the resolution reached 2K, which is top-level, but unfortunately, the official did not open the 2K+120Hz simultaneous on the option, some outside media speculation may be to control the power consumption, but this defect is expected to be resolved in the second half of the Note 20 series.

If all goes well, the second half of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 20 series will be released in August, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ is expected to make up for the regret that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series 2K and 120Hz can’t work together. According to XDA Forum sources, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may have solved the problem, as the Galaxy Note 20’s screen features a “new technology”.

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The XDA Forum cites source Ross Young as saying that the Galaxy Note 20 series will incorporate LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) technology. The combination of the LTPS TFT process drive capability and the low power consumption of the Oxide TFT process was first used by Apple in the Apple Watch Series 5 model, so the watch screen is the always-on display and has up to 18 hours of battery life as its predecessor.

Using this technology within the Note 20 series will give Samsung some relief from its concerns about powering up 2K+120Hz too quickly. Ross Young released details of the Note 20 series screen yesterday and said there is no Ultra version of the Note series.

Galaxy Note 20 Display Specifications

Galaxy Note 20+ Display Specifications

In addition to the screen power control, the report also mentions the adaptive refresh rate, which is said to let the Note 20 Series intelligently identify refresh rates in different scenes to make different displays, again to improve power consumption.

Both of these features are undoubtedly intended to reduce the power consumption of the screen, so XDA guesses that the 2K+120Hz option will be open in the second half of the Note 20 series.

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