OPPO Find X2 Pro Review By Qualcomm – a Nimble Experience

OPPO Find X2 Pro Review By Qualcomm

OPPO’s products always focus on artistic sense, emphasizing beauty and proportion and showing humanistic care. This has been especially evident in recent years with flagships, starting with the Find X, the Reno series, and this year with the Find X2 Series.

OPPO Find X2 Pro Review By Qualcomm

If you look at OPPO’s description of the Find X2 series, you will find words with the word “sense” everywhere, super sense, through sense, touch, feel… Obviously, OPPO’s expectation for the Find X2 is to go beyond the parameters and pursue a real experience in sensation.

Design ingenuity, everywhere.

The Find X2 Pro is designed with a mainstream single punch hole on the left side of the front with a small aperture, and a rear triple camera with a regular vertical arrangement with no morphological innovation.

A good design is never a big deal, and when you look at it closely, the Find X2 is actually designed with a lot of ingenuity. First of all, there is the material innovation, the Find X2 Pro includes both leather and ceramic material combination, the elegant grey leather in our hands, from a distance, the texture is like sandstone, the particles are clear, when you play with it, the touch is close to leather, but more wear-resistant than leather, after a month, without any scratches or damage, almost intact.

It’s not just the material, but the design ingenuity of the Find X2 is everywhere, such as the stereo speakers tucked under the top bezel that almost disappears; the crescent-shaped curve at the bottom allows the fingers to fit the body, enhancing the comfort of the grip; the power and volume buttons are well-made, the feedback is real, and the recessing is just right.

OPPO calls the design of the Find X2 series “feel” design, but we prefer to call it “no feel”, OPPO design is in the eyes can not see the place to pay attention, look no different, but hold but a lot of work, use and hidden behind the scenes, simple to the extreme, in fact, every attention.

“Digital thrill”, a Nimble experience

Hardware is the foundation of the experience, and the Find X2 Pro focuses on the experience, but still has the “digital thrill”: 120Hz 3K screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform, UFS 3.0+LPDDR5 storage combination, 65W flash charging, both alone and in combination, is sincere enough.

But just as architects don’t pride themselves on the sheer size of their buildings, what OPPO prides itself on is not the era-leading hardware of the Find X2 Pro, but the elegance and agility of the combination of hard and soft. Color OS, for example, is a remarkable example of fine animation, which is based on the powerful graphics power of the Adreno 650 GPU built into the Snapdragon 865 and the high refresh rate of the screen at 3K 120Hz.

OPPO Find X2 Pro

Take video and audio as an example, the Find X2 Pro achieves excellent video viewing results on the phone, which is not only due to a certain software feature or hardware feature, the screen display is full and full of detail.

On the Find X2 Pro, software and hardware are not separated from each other, but are deeply integrated, complementing each other and completing each other.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Display Review – Suggested by Editor.

Triple-shot combination, the perfect partner

In the context of the current era of four or five cameras, how to maintain restraint and independent thinking about the mobile phone imaging system has also become the core proposition of the flagship product photography.

Despite the triple camera combination, the real-world experience of the Find X2 Pro’s imaging system is worthy of the flagship’s name, with a 48-megapixel main camera and ultra-wide-angle, a 13-megapixel 5x optical zoom lens, and a three-photo combination covering an equivalent full-focus range of 16mm to 130mm, each of which can be said to be a flagship attribute.

As we said earlier, you can’t necessarily see OPPO’s heart, but you can definitely sense it. The three cameras with “not pretty” parameters are all pretty enough for imaging. The main camera is a custom IMX689 sensor, which is the same 48-megapixel sensor as last year’s mainstream IMX586, but with a larger light-sensing area and a new feature of full-pixel focus, it’s more adaptable to the environment when shooting. The wide-angle/ macro lens is a unique approach, using the flagship IMX586 sensor, and the high image quality of the big-back makes these two focal lengths much more usable.

The Find X2 Pro’s main camera and wide-angle quality are outstanding enough, but the telephoto is prioritized far more than the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle in terms of ease of use. The super wide angle, though stunning, is extremely difficult to shoot, and even professional photographers need to think twice when composing their images, while the telephoto is more friendly to the average person.

As OPPO’s second generation telephoto, the Find X2 Pro’s telephoto lens is so good that it can be used as the main camera to capture common scenes such as landscapes, architecture, flowers, etc. Even if you don’t know anything about color, composition, etc., it’s difficult to take ugly photos, so much so that we used the telephoto almost the whole time during our experience.

OPPO Find X2 Pro Review By Qualcomm

The OPPO Find X2 series, as a top-notch flagship product with solid performance in all aspects, obviously lives up to the expectations, especially worth mentioning that, on the Find X2 Pro, OPPO has shown a rare restraint and pragmatism in the current mobile phone industry, cutting and simplifying, and focusing on user experience, the OPPO Find X2 series combines hardware and software to achieve the ultimate.

Source – Qualcomm China (weibo)

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