Honor X10 Camera Sample From Mount Everest and Live Photo of X10 Revealed by Official

Honor X10 2020 WUCL

Honor X10 2020 WUCL

Honor X10 Camera Sample and Live Photos

The Honor X series can be said to be a gird that has lifted a thousand yuan gear in these years, and it is also a mainstay in sales contribution.

Honor 8X Honor 9X has special unique highlights for each generation. I still remember when the 8X released, and I have a new understanding of the value of the thousand yuan camera. The Kirin 810, which was launched by 9X, with a real full screen also made me love it. Now Honor X10 is coming, bringing the full popularity of 5G on May 20.

This morning, Tencent Sports officially announced that the Honor X10 will be used as the official designated machine for the 2020 WUCL University Electric Competition League Challenge.

Honor X10 2020 WUCL

This also means that the Honor X10 will continue to shine on the gaming front. According to previous information, the honor X10 is expected to feature a 6.63-inch screen, Kirin 820 5G chip, built-in 4200mAh battery and 22.5W fast charging support.

Besides, the official Honor mobile phone yesterday evening also announced the Everest survey team’s shared Honor X10 camera sample taken at 6500 meters above sea level. Climbers used Honor X10 and honor 30Pro+ equipment to record the beautiful scenery on the way up, including the magnificent glacier, speechless “partner” yak, etc., and used 5G real-time feedback.

Honor X10 Camera Sample From Mount Everest

Honor 30 Pro+ Camera Sample From Mount Everest

Previously, Huawei and China Mobile jointly opened the world’s highest altitude 5G base station at Everest’s 6500-meter altitude forward camp, which achieved 5G signal coverage on Everest’s north slope, climbing routes and summit.

Honor X10 Live Photo

Honor X10 Live Photo

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