Sony PS5 Supposed to Bring Download-free Direct Play

Sony PS5 Download-free Direct Play

With the announcement of the full PS5 specifications, there is now only two remaining suspense, one is what the PS5 actually looks like, and the other is what the PS5 can bring new features to players.

Sony PS5 Download-free Direct Play

Recently, some media rumors revealed that the PS5 in PS Store will offer a pretty cool new feature – download-free direct play. PS5 players can try the game directly in the PS Store and decide whether to buy the game or not.

PS5’s New PS Store User Interface Allows You to Browse & Try Every Game Instantly, Playable Within Seconds, With No Traditional Downloading Required, No Waiting, Before You Decide to Purchase the Full Game & Download It as Normal.

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As for the principle of download-free direct play, the more popular cloud games these days, like Sony’s current PS Now service, you play the game over the Internet on a remote host, whenever you have Internet access.

As for the PS5’s release date, the latest rumor at the moment is that the Sony side has moved the scheduled date in the first week of June.

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In terms of specifications, the Sony PlayStation 5 is powered by an 8-core Zen 2 processor with a maximum mainframe frequency of 3.5GHz, a GPU of RDNA 2 architecture, a mainframe frequency of 2.23GHz, 36 CPUs and 10.28 TFLOPs. It’s worth mentioning that the PS5 packs an 825GB custom NVMe SSD 5.5GB/s and reads 2GB of data in just 0.27 seconds.

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