MediaTek will Bring AV1 Video Streaming 4K@60fps with Dimensity 1000

AV1 Video Streaming with MediaTek Dimensity 1000

MediaTek announced that the Dimensity 1000 is the world’s first smartphone SoC to integrate an AV1 hardware video decoder, enabling it to play AV1 YouTube video streams at 60 frames per second with resolution support up to 4K. Thanks to improved compression efficiency, AV1 provides users with incredible visual quality and smoother video experience, while using fewer data.

MediaTek And Google Collaboration to enable AV1 Video Streaming on YouTube (Source -MediaTek Twitter)

AV1 Codec (video format) first released royalty-free in 2018 by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), is designed to replace the VP9 codec as the Internet Video Codec (NETVC) standard.AV1 is an ultra-high performance video codec technology that provides more than 30% compression efficiency over the existing VP9.

AV1 Logo (Source – Wikipedia)

AV1 has become an increasingly important format to allow high-resolution playback on handheld devices, and we’re excited that MediaTek has implemented dedicated AV1 hardware to advance its adoption, such as what’s included in their Dimensity 1000 5G SoC.

– Matt Frost, Director of Product Management of Google Chrome.

In November last year, MediaTek officially launched its new 5G chip brand Dimensity at the MediaTek 5G Not Only Leading conference in Shenzhen and brought the first integrated 5G SoC – Dimensity 1000, which has many global firsts, including the world’s fastest 5G single chip, the world’s first 5G dual-carrier aggregation, the world’s first 5G dual card dual standby, the world’s first 5G SoC with integrated Wi-Fi 6, the world’s first flagship 4-core A77 CPU, and flagship Mali G77 GPU.

MediaTek Dimensity 1000 adopts 7nm process, 4 big cores + 4 small cores architecture for CPU, including 4 big cores of 2.6GHz A77, 20% performance improvement compared to the previous generation, 4 small cores of 2.0GHz A55, and 9 cores of Mali G77 for GPU, 40% performance improvement compared to the previous generation G76 and over 510,000 AMBRAT scores.


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