LG Velvet Official Rendering Of All Colors And Introduction to Unique Features

LG Velvet Official Rendering of All Colors

LG Velvet Official Rendering of All Colors

LG Velvet Official Rendering And Introduction to Unique Features

LG Electronics will launch its strategic smartphone ‘LG Velvet’ on the 15th of next month. In the meantime, LG starts warm-up the device through an online marketing manner. Today LG shared some more information and LG Velvet official rendering of all colors. Let’s go through LG Velvet official introduction!

LG Velvet Official Rendering of All Colors

LG Velvet design completed with ‘Waterdrop Camera’, ‘Symmetrical Ellipse’

‘LG Velvet’ is a product that realized a highly complete design such as ‘Waterdrop Camera’ and ‘3D Arc Design’. ‘Waterdrop Camera’ is a design in which three rear cameras and a flash are arranged in a vertical direction as if water droplets are falling.

LG Velvet is only 6.8mm thick, but only 74.1mm wide. Here, the ‘3D arc design’, which gently bends the left and right ends of the front display, is applied, and the rear cover is also bent at the same angle, and viewed from the bottom, it has a long oval shape. Because of the oval shape, the contact surface that comes into close contact with the hand is widened to provide ‘hand taste’.

LG Velvet has a luxurious and solid image by applying a metal material to the edges of the product. Each corner has a balanced design that gives a sense of stability in a gentle horn shape.

LG Velvet Aurora White

Powerful video immersion, Seeing and listening experiences become more enjoyable

LG Velvet is equipped with a 6.8-inch 20.5:9 aspect ratio Cinema FullVision display. In addition, ‘stereo speakers’ and ‘artificial intelligence sound’ are supported to maximize immersion in video viewing.

‘Stereo speaker’ allows users to enjoy rich sound by balancing the left and right volume when enjoying content such as video and games. ‘Artificial Intelligence Sound’ automatically analyzes the content being played and sets the optimal audio quality. For example, the reporter’s voice, which introduces a noisy ambient noise, can be heard more clearly.

LG Velvet Aurora Green

Easily create and share your own content smartphone

LG Velvet is equipped with three cameras on the back: 48 megapixels (standard), 8 megapixels (ultra wide), and 5 megapixels (depth), so you can take photos and videos of various angles of view, such as landscapes and portraits.

LG Electronics applied ‘quad binning’ technology that combines 4 pixels into a single picture in a low-light environment so that it can take clear pictures even in dark places.

LG Velvet also includes a ‘Voice Out Focus’ function that can be individually adjusted to separate background noise and voice when shooting a video. For example, you can remove the sound of wind from a windy beach and capture my voice more clearly. In particular, the degree of noise reduction can be adjusted by the user so that they can be photographed appropriately for each situation, such as interviews and video sketches.

LG Velvet Illusion Sunset

LG Electronics also has an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) recording function. When the customer executes this function during video shooting, the sensitivity of the two high-performance microphones is maximized and the sound is vivid.

‘LG Velvet’ also supports ‘Time Lapse’, which is a short compressed image. The user can adjust the speed automatically according to the shooting target or movement even if there is no separate setting, and can freely adjust the speed even during video shooting.

5G one chip combined with AP and modem

LG Electronics installed Qualcomm’s latest 5G chipset, ‘Snapdragon 765 5G’, in LG Velvet.

Snapdragon 765 5G is a chipset that Qualcomm is the first to integrate an AP (Application Processor) and a 5G modem in a 7-nano process. Since the AP and the modem are combined into one, the space inside the smartphone can be used efficiently, enabling the design of the LG Velvet that is slim and sticks to the hand despite the large 6.8-inch screen.

LG Velvet is based on the powerful performance of Snapdragon 765 5G, and it is also smooth to use multitasking to play games on one screen and watch videos on the other screen using ‘LG Dual Screen’.

LG Velvet Aurora Gray

LG Electronics has installed a 4,300mAh large capacity battery in its new product so that customers can enjoy 5G service for a long time. The low-power software algorithm is applied to minimize unnecessary power consumption, so you can use your smartphone without worrying about the battery even in a 5G environment.

LG Electronics also supports various exclusive accessories such as ‘LG Dual Screen’ and ‘Stylus Pen’ on LG Velvet. ‘LG Dual Screen’ and ‘Stylus Pen’ are sold separately.

LG VELVET introduces stylish daily life while experiencing the colors of Aurora White and Aurora Gray. The fashion/beauty field uses Aurora Green and Illusion Sunset to express its own bouncing personality.

The LG Velvet is a product that realizes a high-quality design that you want to touch beyond the visible design.

– Kim Pil-Joon, executive director of LG Mobile Group, LG Electronics.


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