MIUI 12 Detailed Evolution And Update Road Map

MIUI 12 Update Road map

MIUI 12 Update Road map

MIUI 12 Detailed Evolution

According to Xiaomi, the MIUI system today has 310 million monthly users, MIUI has been going on for 10 years, MIUI is Xiaomi’s first product, Xiaomi said, the software is the soul of the phone, somehow more important than hardware existence. Today, Xiaomi brought to us their 10-year dream project, MIUI 12. Let’s go through MIUI 12 detailed evolution.

MIUI 12 Detailed Evolution

From the official description, MIUI 12 can be said to be the heaviest update of MIUI in recent years, in terms of UI interface, animation, and features that have been upgraded.

In terms of system animation, MIUI brings a “grapefruit light cone animation architecture”, and MIUI 12 starts from the underlying technology, including animation engine, rendering engine, and illustration engine.

In particular, the rendering engine seeks to restore real-world light and shadow, bringing advanced interface blending + control-level real-time blurring, anti-aliasing rounded corners, seamless G2 continuous curves with hardware, and smooth-flowing dynamic rounded corners.

The physics engine is used to drive the system’s animation, and the duration of the interactive animation is determined by the touch operation that triggers it, presenting object texture and realistic feedback. When you exit the application, the icons simulate physical curves in three-dimensional space, restoring the real state of motion of objects and presenting vivid, fluid, and even interruptible physical space motion.

Thanks to this, MIUI 12 brings dynamic form technology to solve the flash, card, and ghosting phenomena caused by Android’s horizontal and vertical screen rotation and opening horizontal screen apps, bringing a smooth horizontal and vertical screen rotation animation experience.

In terms of features, MIUI 12 has upgraded the dynamic weather function to bring realistic weather animations to the system, with rain, shine, snow, and instant changes displayed like a time-lapse movie.

In addition, MIUI12 is designed to be intuitive and efficient, even across languages and cultures, with a visual representation of the system’s core information.

Super Wallpaper features a pass-through, lock screen, and desktop wallpaper, and is officially available in both Mars and Earth as a great value wallpaper.

The MIUI has also been upgraded in terms of personal privacy protection, and the app’s behavior record will illuminate everything, faithfully recording all sensitive behavior of the app and presenting it to you. Further, when the application uses camera, recording, and positioning permissions, the system will give a clear indication, and click on the indication to control.

MIUI 12 can completely disable the use of the camera in the background, background wake-up. When applying for getting Permissions, you can choose to allow it only in use or this time. The Always Allow option will not be available for apps that do not specify the purpose of the permission. Sharing photos can erase sensitive information and share life, but not privacy.

At the same time, MIUI 12 only provides a virtual ID to the app, returning data rights to the user and allowing them to change their identity at any time.

MIUI12 also brings a global free window feature that is intuitive for gesture manipulation and adapts to a variety of usage scenarios. When you come to a message, swipe down to expand into the small window mode and swipe up to exit. For apps that only need to see the status, drag to the corner of the screen to hang. MIUI 12 Global Free Window, probably the best mobile multitasking solution in the world.

MIUI 12 Global Free Window

AI Telephony Assistant also welcomed the official version this time, you can customize the opening language, freely switch the automatic answer or manual reply, and can also answer automatically in the direction, no longer need to care about harassing calls.

In addition, Xiaomi has received feedback from some deaf takeaway riders wanting to support the ability to make phone calls. AI calls now support making phone calls.

Health, MIUI 12 has also been upgraded, relying on the self-researched lynchpin algorithm, AI intelligent perception of movement status. With your phone in your pocket, you can automatically record a day’s worth of walking, running, riding, and climbing stairs. What’s more, it consumes less than 1% of battery throughout the day.

In addition, the phone is placed next to the pillow to automatically record sleep and provide simple sleep reports. It also automatically records your snoring and dream words so you know a little more about yourself. The motion and sleep recognition algorithms are all implemented using offline models, with no data collected at all, with confidence.

The first batch of MIUI 12 models are now open for internal testing and will be pushed to the development version starting today, while the stable version will be updated before the end of June, and here the list of eligible models.

MIUI 12 Stable Version Release Roadmap and eligible devices.

MIUI 12 Stable Version Release Roadmap and eligible devices.

Xiaomi has also released a list of recommended flagship phones that play to the full strength of MIUI 12, including Xiaomi 10 Pro, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G, Xiaomi 9 (with Premium Edition), Xiaomi MIX 3, Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8 Transparent Discovery Edition, Xiaomi 8 Screen Fingerprint Edition, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro (with Premium Edition).

MIUI 12 Featured Device List

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