Oppo Reno Glow New Series Got Trademarked

Oppo Reno Glow

The glorious Oppo R series is replaced by Reno’s new youthful Reno series, although released for a short time, but released a lot of new models. Recently, a new derivative of its brand has been exposed again, the Oppo Reno Glow.

OPPO has introduced a number of derivative and iterative models, and in the near future, there’s a chance that one more member of the family will be added. Recently, OPPO submitted a “Reno Glow” trademark application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office and announced on April 24.

Oppo Reno Glow trademark

According to the document, Oppo Reno Glow, this series is a line that OPPO has not disclosed so far, from the keyword Glow suffix can be guessed, he is likely to be a new product that focuses on dark light photography because Glow means light, and OPPO’s super night feature has always been relatively strong.

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The Reno series itself has many different brands, some of which are independent and have their own product lines, such as Ace, this new Reno Glow will also be the main feature of a certain model, but the exact details of what, we still have to wait for the news from OPPO.


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