Oppo FreeVOOC Air Charging Can Be Possible: Oppo Engineer Explains

Oppo FreeVOOC Air Charging Can Be Possible

Oppo FreeVOOC Air Charging Can Be Possible

At the beginning of this month on April Fool’s Day, OPPO had released a video showing the Oppo FreeVOOC wireless air charging technology, although only April Fool’s Day joke, in the future if realized, will certainly change the user’s habits.

Oppo said, “What is the future of wireless charging? OPPO Ace infinity is equipped with the world’s first FreeVOOC air charging technology, which can achieve a stable charging power of 5-10W within 10 meters. Wherever the mobile phone is, the power will follow.

The video is purely fictitious, FreeVOOC is the yearning for the future charging technology, and its special lies in it is an active charging technology, first positioning the phone and then charging. If the phone does not move, it will be locked and the power will gradually increase to achieve faster charging. Once the path is interrupted, it will be rescanned. Besides, the reflective device in the video is artistically processed, in fact, as long as some mini reflective pieces are placed at home.

– Comment by Zhang Jaliang

A few days ago, OPPO official microblogging to promote their charging technology, OPPO VOOC flash-charge chief scientist Zhang Jaliang on the OPPO flash-charge technology, and mentioned the air charging technology in the process.

Oppo FreeVOOC Air Charging Can Be Possible

Regarding the wireless charging technology in the air, Zhang Jialiang said that there are no technical obstacles, and even remote wireless charging can be achieved, but the problem is the final productization. There are currently laws and regulations, equipment safety and personal safety requirements, and costs requirements, so it has not yet been realized.

However, Zhang Jaliang said, do not rule out the future basic technical progress or component advances, let long-distance wireless charging become possible.

In the field of mobile phone charging, OPPO has been in deep plow for many years, which is evident to all of us, such as the recently released OPPO Ace2, the first to mass-produce commercial 40W wireless flash charging, so will OPPO bring FreeVOOC wireless charging in the future? We’ll see what happens.

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