Zhao Ming Speech at Global Mobile Internet Conference – GMIC 2020 Confirm Honor X10 Series

Global Mobile Internet Conference – GMIC 2020 Highlights

The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) is being held online for the first time this year after 12 years of existence. The theme of this year’s conference is “2020 power growth”, the president of Honor Zhao Ming delivered a speech, talking about the industry’s observation and reflection.

Zhao Ming Honor President at GMIC 2020

Zhao Ming pointed out that in the first quarter of 2020, China’s mobile phone market fell 30 percent and the global mobile phone market fell 15 percent. Global markets are likely to be more affected in the second quarter as outbreaks overseas worsen. In the midst of an epidemic crisis, companies need to make a choice: do they escape alone, or do they choose to travel in a group?

Zhao believes that first and foremost, companies need to be self-improving. Upgrading one’s capabilities; secondly, a win-win situation for all. Today, it’s basically impossible to create a path on your own, especially during an epidemic, and to help others and partners is to help yourself recover from the crisis as quickly as possible. Third, never give up and be optimistic.

Zhao Ming pointed out that today, 5G network coverage is rapidly increasing at an unprecedented rate, with nearly 50 million users using 5G networks, but only 20 million users are using 5G phones, so the industry space is still very large. The 4G to 5G switch is a time of great opportunity and risk.

As for how to seize the 5G opportunity, Zhao Ming mentioned three things to pay attention to grasp the diverse needs of consumers, judging the pace of business, and mastering the technology.

Honor X10 Series Naming

Zhao Ming also revealed information about Honor’s new product. Previously, sources said that the Honor 10X series will be released in late May and the official name will be changed to Honor X10 series. In today’s speech, Zhao Ming confirmed the change of name to Honor X10 but did not specify the exact release time.

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He also talked about his understanding of the high-end of mobile phones. Zhao Ming believes that there is a misunderstanding in saying that high-end today, that is, many people think that high-end is to pile devices together and raise the price, he pointed out that building high-end brands and high-end products is a step-by-step process of accumulation.

In the wake of mobile phones and 5G, Zhao Ming touched on the topic of smart full-scene, revealing that Honor will fully upgrade the distributed full-scene capabilities in May.

Zhao Ming Honor President Speech at GMIC 2020

Zhao Ming Honor President Speech at GMIC 2020 ( Re-uploaded for better experience)

In August 2019, Honor launched the first intelligent screen products, wading into the large screen product industry, on the issue of advertising of large-screen products, Zhao Ming said, switchboard advertising is not in line with commercial logic of a kind of behavior, the future will produce great contradictions and conflicts. “We want to get switchboard advertising out of the TV, big screen products.”

“In terms of business logic, when I buy this TV or big screen product, this hardware is mine. If an advertisement is inserted in a TV show, it is a process of exchange, I watched the show for free, the TV station or the producer of the show, the provider of the show recovers some costs through the advertisement, it is commercially logical, equivalent exchange. When I buy a smart screen product, a TV product, this hardware is mine, and the process of switching on and off lets me watch ads, which is kind of like putting an advertising platform between elevators in the user’s home, which in business logic has to be divided for the user.”

Zhao Ming believes that “the screen between the elevator should be given to the property or community rent, the future big-screen industry, the television industry should be self-disciplined, the right of management and choice back to consumers.”

Global Mobile Internet Conference – GMIC 2020 Highlights

Finally, Zhao Ming revealed that Honor will hold a full-scene launch event on May 18 to launch a different Honor IoT product. Based on today’s market situation, competitive situation and location, Glory will increase its investment in online and offline products and retail this year.

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