Legion Gaming Phone Charging Port Location Changed To Solve Gamers Problem

Legion Gaming Phone Charging Port

Has anyone ever pondered the question: why are the charging cords for the professional game controllers placed all in the middle? Everyone knows, playing games and charging at the same is convenient and does not make trouble while handling the controller.

For gaming controller charging port in middle is not s new thing, what about mobile. The current smartphone market is dedicated to gaming and photography. In the case of gaming phones, the market growing rapidly, and more and more manufacturers entering in e-Sports gaming phone market. And the latest newcomer is Lenovo with its Legion Gaming Phone.

Nearly all smartphone charging port is located in the center of the bottom. While playing games and charging at the same time become difficult to handle the phone and playing games properly. To solve this issue Lenovo legion gaming phone changed charging port location from bottom to center of a side of the phone which is demonstrated in the video below.

Legion Gaming Phone Charging Port

Well, it solves the problem for the gamers, what about while using phone vertically (portrait) and charging at the same time; the situation becomes worse. That’s the question asked someone in the comment area and Lenovo legion replied no matter how you hold the phone, it won’t jam. In another comment reply also replied even earphone will not distract gaming.

Currently, this video only confirms charging port location, we have to see how Lenovo solve other problems with their solutions. Earlier Lenovo also warmed up that Legion Gaming Phone will be equipped with 90W fast charging and can fully charge 4000mAh battery in just 15 minutes.

It is about more than two months Lenovo is promoting Legion Gaming Phone but not revealed release date yet. I have been waiting patiently, and many people have no patience to wait for you for another month and two months while other options like Red Magic 5G, Black Shark 3 are already on sale.

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