Galaxy A71 5G Using QRNG Chip And Become World’s Most Secure Phone

Samsung A71 5G With QRNG Chip (Quantum Random Number Generator)

Samsung A71 5G With QRNG Chip (Quantum Random Number Generator)

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G With QRNG Chip (Quantum Random Number Generator)

Samsung’s mobile products have always been fond of some original designs, such as the Galaxy Zoom for lossless zoom shots, and this time, Samsung will launch the world’s first quantum encryption smartphone “Galaxy Quantum” with QRNG Chip in May through carrier SK Telecom, according to South Korean media outlet Etnews.

Samsung A71 5G With QRNG Chip (Quantum Random Number Generator)

The best feature of this phone is that Samsung has added a quantum random number generation chip to the A71 5G version to further enhance the security of the phone.

According to reports, Samsung will launch the Galaxy A71 5G phone in South Korea next month through SK Telecom as Galaxy Quantum, which will be the world’s first phone to use a QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) chip.

What is QRNG Chip?

QRNG chip produces ‘pure random numbers’, which are unpredictable and patternless irregular numbers. Unlike cryptography, which implies the possibility of a certain pattern being revealed, random numbers created by a quantum random number generator can create a more secure cryptosystem through irregular numbers without patterns.

All information stored on the Galaxy A71 5G is encrypted with a random number without a pattern. With existing technology, it is virtually impossible to operate such as decryption, so it can block data theft or leakage of personal information by external hacking.

In fact, in the past, Samsung Electronics has already applied physical copy protection (PUF) to the Samsung S10 series to improve security, and now implants quantum encryption technology into the A71 5G version to provide a higher level of security, this time, Samsung has come up with a new and more reliable way to protect the security of the phone.

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In terms of configuration, Samsung Galaxy Quantum will be powered by Exynos 980 processor, 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus Infinity-O display and support FHD+ resolution, with 32MP front lens and 64MP main camera + 12MP super wide + 5MP macro + 5MP depth of field lens rear quad camera combination, looks like a good mid-range model, but this phone should only be a cooperative model for carriers, and will not be openly sold in the market, and the domestic market is not seen.

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