iPhone SE 2020 Antutu Benchmark Performance: Impressive but Lower Than 11 Series

iPhone SE 2nd generation Antutu Benchmark

iPhone SE 2020 Antutu Benchmark

iPhone SE 2020 Antutu Benchmark Performance

The new iPhone SE will officially go on sale on April 24. Now all the major media reviews have already appeared, and the iPhone SE 2020 Antutu benchmark performance has also calculated from some representative score.

iPhone SE 2020

According to the data that current available at antutu benchmark, the new iPhone SE with A13 processor currently has a maximum score of 492166.

iPhone SE 2020 antutu benchmark sub scores divided into four categories as CPU scores 149295, GPU scores 186079, MEM scores 77968 and UX scores 78824.

iPhone SE 2020 Antutu Benchmark

Compared to the iPhone 11 family, which is also powered by the A13 processor, the new iPhone SE’s CPU/GPU scores are significantly lower, failing to achieve the full performance level of the A13 processor.

Overall, the new iPhone SE is indeed a powerful product with a strong inner core, but limited by its smaller size, smaller RAM (3GB only, while iPhone 11 have 4GB) and smaller battery capacity, Apple is likely to have made more conservative adjustments to the performance of this A13, compromising for range and heat generation.

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This results in a gap in performance compared to the iPhone 11 series, even though it is also equipped with A13, which on average is only slightly better than the A12 iPhone XS series.

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Enough is certainly enough, but for the most powerful performance, a slightly more expensive iPhone 11 might be a better choice.


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