Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition Thickness is Just 7.88mm

Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition Thickness

Following yesterday’s official announcement of the new Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, This morning, the official Weibo of Xiaomi Mobile announced the side of the Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, showing that it uses a curved back cover, is expected to be made of glass, body thickness does not exceed 8mm, weight does not exceed 200g, and is guaranteed longevity.

Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition Thickness

From the poster, the Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition features a square rear quad-shoot scheme and a curved body design, with the flash located underneath the quad camera module, while the white rear cover also harbors some pink elements. Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition has a light and thin body of less than 8mm and weighs less than 200g. Later Chang cheng releases new poster for Xiaomi 10 youth edition confirming exact thickness of 7.88mm.

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According to the known news, Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition with rear 4 camera, support 50x zoom, also has colorful color scheme, will be released with MIUI 12 on April 27 at 2 pm, IT House will keep an eye on.

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