Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra DxOMark Review; Arranged Place in Top 10

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra DxOMark Review

In today’s afternoon, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra DxOMark score announced. From the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera review results, the total score of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is 122 points, ranking sixth position with the Honor V30 Pro. Among them, the camera score is 132 points and the video score is 102 points.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image Credit – DxOMark)

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Specifications

According to DXO, the advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy S20U in terms of taking photos are all obvious. Among other things, taking photos includes nice colors, wide dynamic range, good noise control, excellent exposure and color representation in ultra-wide-angle photos, and good exposure and rich detail when using the flash.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra DxOMark Review

But shortcomings are equally present, including slow autofocus in low light, occasional white balance color shifts indoors and outdoors, severe fusion artifacts in zoom photos, highlight clipping and artifacts in ultra-wide-angle photos with little detail, and underexposure and color quantification problems when shooting in night mode.

For video, the Galaxy S20 Ultra benefits include accurate exposure up to low light, minimal noise in most light conditions, vivid and pleasing outdoor colors, and good anti-stabilization for videos recorded on a still handheld outside.

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Disadvantages include limited dynamic range in high contrast conditions, a pronounced reddening of the hue in faint tungsten light, noticeable motion effects in indoor video, and little detail in low light.

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