MIUI 12 New Camera Support Custom Layout As You Want

MIUI 12 New Camera

MIUI 12 New Camera

MIUI 12 New Camera

On April 22nd, Xiaomi camera division product director Queena unveiled the MIUI 12 new camera improvement plan. On MIUI 12, the camera supports feature layout customization, you can arrange it however you want, the first screen supports a minimum of 2 features and a maximum of 10 features.

In this way, the layout of the main interface of the camera is determined by the user, so as to meet the different needs of different users, it is more convenient to use.

In addition to this, MIUI 12 also brings Dark Mode version 2.0. This version achieves global coverage, 42 system applications are deeply adapted, 20 mainstream applications are deeply customized for MIUI, and a large number of third-party applications already support non-linear inverse color algorithms.

Not only that, but MIUI 12 brings the MAML+, which is based on the underlying capabilities of the MAML Hundred Variations framework, so you can be more creative, with non-linear animations rendering different visuals depending on weather, time conditions or random. And it supports universal function switches for configuring the split screen, so users can easily customize the split screen display management.

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