Meizu 17 Release Date Officially Announced through Creative Invitation Letter

Meizu 17 Release Date

Earlier Meizu Technology held Meizu 17 mSmart 5G fast and stable technology sharing meeting. After little warm-ups, Meizu finally announced Meizu 17 release date. Meizu’s official Weibo said it will hold a press conference on May 8 to officially release the long-awaited Meizu 17 series.

Meizu’s official Weibo said: “The design that does not lose is the good design.” Meizu did not lose the vote, but won the votes that should be won. Compared with drawing votes in advance, Meizu hopes to be worthy of every vote.

The invitation letter of the Meizu 17 series 5G flagship is a three-dimensional ballot box and some small cards. The ballot box reads “The design that does not lose is the good design.” The cards on the invitation letter are also the evaluation of Meizu’s past products, technology / function innovations, which show the affirmation of Meizu products and expectations of Meizu 17 series 5G flagship.

Meizu 17 invitation letter
Meizu 17 invitation letter

In terms of design, Meizu 17 uses a single-punch screen design, with a relatively high front screen footprint, narrow four-sided borders, and strong visual impact. It is worth mentioning that Meizu 17 also retains the white panel design. For this, Meizu official said, “Meizu 17 may be the only white panel 5G flagship phone you can find this year.

Suspected Meizu 17 Prototype with Punch hole showing battery state – Suggested Reading.

Meizu 17 will be Meizu’s first 5G mobile phone. According to previous information, Meizu 17 is expected to use a 6.5-inch 90Hz AMOLED screen, equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, supporting LPDDR5 and UFS 3.0, built-in 4500mAh battery, equipped with optical Under-screen fingerprint and horizontal linear motor.

Meizu 17 Rendering

In terms of 5G, mSmart 5G technology is supported. Meizu 17’s two patented technologies based on cloud synchronization base station prediction and signal detection can identify and connect to the 5G network faster; Meizu 17 is equipped with a large 4500mAh battery to simulate user 8 hours 5G Endurance test, open mSmart 5G compared to the closed scenario, the power saving effect is as high as 64%. For extreme scenes, Meizu 17 has launched subway mode, high-speed rail mode and high-speed mode, and can intelligently switch to ensure a more stable network connection, without user worry.

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