Nubia Play 5G Dual Touch Shoulder Key And TC Algorithm Arranged

Nubia Play 5G Dual Touch Shoulder Key

Nubia officially announced that its new model play will meet us at 19 o’clock on April 21. While warm-up up to the aircraft, Nubia announced many unexpected features for this mid-range phone including 144hz refresh rate display and 240hz touch sampling. In addition to 144hz display, the Nubia Play 5G dual touch shoulder key also arranged from Red Magic 5G.

Nubia Play 5G Dual Touch Shoulder Key

In addition to strong performance and 5100mAh super battery life, Nubia also equipped the Nubia Play 5G with a dual-touch shoulder key for gaming, that can make the gaming experience more convenient and smooth operational.

Nubia Play 5G Dual Touch Shoulder Key

Nubia Pay 5G’s dual-touch game shoulder key not only supports playing peace elite (PUBG), but is also suitable for improving the operating experience of games such as running karts and QQ speed. 

With 765G’s mobile phone, Nubia have more experience in improving in the gaming scenes, and Nubia also promised all this feature will be at affordable cost.

The 144Hz screen refresh rate + 240Hz touch sampling rate is extremely smooth and fast. It is really a series that you can’t go back. To better understand deference between 144hz and 90hz refresh rate display in gaming, Ni Fei released a video playing Real Racing 3 game.

144hz and 90hz difference

Nubia Play 5G at same time also equipped with in-game frame rate compensation technology (TC algorithm) that originally introduced with Red Magic 5G

In addition to powerful gaming features and display Nubia Play 5G also have a powerful camera, which was explained earlier with its camera sample and video recording sample.

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