Huawei IdeaHub Enterprise Smart Screen Series Officially Announced

Huawei IdeaHub Enterprise Smart Screen Series

Following the release of consumer orientated Smart Screen X65, Huawei today held a product launch conference, unveiled “Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen”. This screen will be known as Huawei IdeaHub, which includes three models IdeaHub S, IdeaHub Pro and IdeaHub Enterprise all will be available in 65 and 85 inches.

Huawei IdeaHub Enterprise Smart Screen

This is a multi-functional smart collaboration terminal that integrates mobile and computer multi-screen collaboration, intelligent electronic whiteboard, remote two-way collaboration, professional video conferencing, Huawei Cloud WeLink ecology and Huawei application market.

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen Official Introduction

Strategic products aim to create a new productivity tool in the cloud era, bring the digital world into every meeting room, open office area, manager’s room and family study, and improve the digital collaborative office and production efficiency of enterprise employees.

The Huawei IdeaHub S and IdeaHub pro is mainly suitable for general office requirements while Huawei IdeaHub Enterprise is suitable for the industry application scenarios and rich configuration, configurations provide enterprise users with diverse options.

Huawei’s IdeaHub series includes two sizes of 65-inch and 86-inch . It supports two installation modes of mobile bracket and wall-mounted. It can be conveniently and flexibly deployed in many office environments such as conference rooms, open office areas, manager rooms and family study rooms to meet the needs of the enterprise’s all-scenario smart office and team collaboration, it can also be used in many scenarios such as remote training and online tutoring.

Huawei enterprise smart screen application scenarios

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen has a series of black technologies such as intelligent voice assistant, intelligent display, intelligent handwriting recognition, intelligent sound screen, speaker tracking, electronic brand name, and multi-modal meeting record, which can easily achieve cross-regional and cross-team communication and collaboration.

At the same time, Huawei Cloud WeLink ecology and Huawei application market are built in to aggregate massive enterprise office and production applications to meet the various needs of enterprise collaborative office, collaborative R & D and collaborative production, and achieve low-cost, zero-threshold deployment and use.

The Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen uses its own dual-chip core with powerful graphics and AI processing capabilities; 4K touch commercial display large screen with touch accuracy as low as ± 1mm; professional-grade 4K camera that supports 4K@30 frame ultra high definition smooth video; 12 microphone arrays, can achieve 8 meters of far-field sound pickup and 0.5 degree sound source localization.

The ultra-luxury hardware configuration, coupled with the ID design full of technological aesthetics, will lead the new trend of upgrading the enterprise’s smart office experience in all scenarios.

Sun Quan, President of Huawei Cloud and Computing BG Intelligent Collaboration

Sun Quan, President of Huawei Cloud and Computing BG Intelligent Collaboration, announced Huawei’s all-scenario smart office strategy 1 + 3 + X to create a new productivity tool for enterprises in the cloud era.

Huawei’s all-scenario smart office strategy “1 + 3 + X”

“1” refer; It is based on cloud and AI to reconstruct the office digitization of enterprises. Huawei Cloud WeLink is Huawei’s intelligent work platform for enterprises.

“3” Refer to three types of smart collaboration terminals. The first category is the telepresence series for professional conferences. Huawei has been the first in the domestic market for seven consecutive years and is loved by customers. The second category is enterprises for team collaboration. The smart screen series is the new series of products released this time; the third category is the smart desktop series for personal office, which will be launched in the future.

“X” refers to open cooperation and construction of ecology, including software ecology and hardware ecology. Huawei will work with partners to serve customers in thousands of industries.

The new products of Huawei’s enterprise smart screen series will be officially launched on June 8 in Huawei Cloud Mall, VMALL, Jingdong Mall, Suning and other online and offline multi-channel channels, and a maximum 30-day free sample trial application has been opened.

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In terms of parameters, IdeaHub S uses a 1080p lens to support 1080p data sharing and Auto-framing Huawei cloud package; IdeaHub Pro uses a 4K lens to support 4K data sharing and spokesperson tracking Huawei cloud package; IdeaHub Enterprise uses a 4K lens to support 4K data sharing, Speaker tracking, real-time subtitle translation and multi-modal meeting records.

Huawei IdeaHub Enterprise Smart Screen

And in terms of design, Huawei’s enterprise smart screen uses a minimalist outline, integrated through stretching, 360 ° screwless and ballet leg art support. As a collaborative whiteboard, Huawei’s enterprise smart screen supports 35ms ultra-low writing delay, intelligent handwriting recognition and two-way labeling, and packs away functions. The Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen supports native WeLink conferences, H.265 1080p HD video, and 4K@30 frames with extremely clear and smooth screen projection.

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