On 90W Fast Charging Response Lenovo Hints 40W Wireless Charging also Arranged

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

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Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

Lenovo 90W fast Charging official response

Yesterday, Lenovo’s lenovo e-sports mobile phone officially announced that it will 90W fast charging breakthroughs, saying that it will be full charge one the go.

Last year lenovo played gimmick about launch 100 megapixel camera phone, they launched but with four camera which tally 100 megapixel. After lenovo 90w fast charging announcement, blogger questioned that is that gimmick, like wired + wireless charging = 90W?

Lenovo Officially responded to post saying, Do you think it is “wired charging + wireless charging + reverse charging = 90W”? No, we do n’t play word games, if I want to add more than 90W. It definitely clear that 90W fast charging is real this time.

Legion weibo later also said that 90w high power for long duration and constant give long peak power. In addition some user also guessed that Legion Legion gaming phone Pro will use 90W fast charging and standard version will use lower power charging.

That is also cleared by lenovo, Legion Gaming phone emphasised that pro or not pro, for this e-Sports phone system 90W is standard for all systems. This statement hint that there will be more than one phone.

Further lenovo not stopped her for giving hint, lenovo also commented, Whether it is 90w fast charging or 40w wireless charging, the breakthrough commercial use of new technologies is derived from the ultimate pursuit of user experience. This statement hints Lenovo Legion Gaming phone will be equipped with 40W wireless charging too.

According to previous report, Legion Gaming phone will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 5G SoC, known as the “end-game gaming flagship” that achieved score of 600k points on antutu benchmark.

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