Lenovo’s 90W Fast Charging Speed, 4000mAh Full in?

Legion Gaming Phone

90W Fast Charging Speed

On the morning of April 13th, the Lenovo Legion e-sports mobile phone officially announced support for 90W fast charging, saying that it would be full in one go. On the afternoon of April 14, the Lenovo Legion e-sports mobile phone official pre-heated the 90W fast charge again, and the poster seemed to reveal the key information: with 90w fast charging speed can full charge a 4000mAh battery in 15 minutes.

90W Fast Charging Speed

In addition, the official of the legion gaming mobile phone also said that the entire system comes standard with 90W fast charge. Earlier Lenovo confirmed that ther is no gimmicks in 90w fast charging technology and also hinted 40W wireless fast charging.

As top performing gaming phone, Snapdragon 865 SoC is mandatory, lenovo also promised it will solve gamers major pain point and it will be equipped with 14 point cooling system.

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