Google Whitechapel – Self Developed 5nm Chip for Pixel and Chromebook Coming

Google Whitechapel Chipset

Google Whitechapel Chipset

Google Whitechapel 5nm Slef developed Chipset

Samsung uses their own Exynos chipset for Galaxy and tablets series in some countries. While Apple uses its own A series processors for its iphones and ipad devices. Recently, Microsoft has also begun to design and use self-developed processors, such as Surface Pro X equipped with SQ1 processor. Now Google Whitechapel appeared.

Google Pixel 4 (image credit – Google)

The reason behind using self developed

chipset is that they customize the chipset according to their software requirements for better performance and better user experience.

Today, foreign media Axios reported that Google is now developing a mobile processor code-named Google Whitechapel, which will support future Pixel smartphones and even Chromebook notebooks.

The report said that Google is working closely with Samsung to produce this chip, which will use Samsung’s 5nm process technology. Google has only started to receive working prototype versions of the chip in recent weeks. Therefore, we need to wait until next year to use these chips in Pixel devices.

The mobile processor, code-named google chipset Whitechapel, will have 8 ARM cores and will be specially optimized for hardware to support Google’s machine learning technology. There will also be dedicated hardware to improve the “always-on” function of Google Assistant.

Previously sammobile reported that Samsung is working with Google to develop a customized Exynos chipset. According to a new report, customized Exynos processors will be available in Google products this year as soon as possible.

According to reports, the custom Exynos chipset will be manufactured using Samsung’s 5nm LPE process. Reported Exynos chipset uses eight-core processor has two Cortex-A78 CPU cores, two Cortex-A76 CPU cores and four Cortex-A55 CPU cores.

The chip also uses ARM’s unreleased Mali MP20 GPU, which is based on the Borr (Nordic mythological code) microarchitecture. Google seems to have removed Samsung l’s ISP and NPU to use the self-developed Visual Core ISP and NPU.

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