Oppo 40W Wireless Charger Can Charge 4000mAh in 56 Minutes

Oppo 40W wireless charger

Oppo 40W wireless charger

Oppo 40W Wireless Charger | Oppo AirVOOC

This evening, the OPPO Ace2 super player conference was held, OPPO Ace2 was officially released along with ENCO W31, Oppo 40W wireless charger AirVOOC and 65W super flash wired charging.

Oppo AirVOOC Specifications

OPPO 40W wireless charger, its debut is the pinnacle. Taking the OPPO self-developed chip as the core, the wireless flash charging technology enjoys an invention patent in China, which can be filled with the equivalent 4000mAh battery power in as fast as 56 minutes. Let you charge for 5 minutes and turn on for 1 hour.

Oppo AirVOOC official Promo

Oppo AirVOOC wireless flash charging charger, which uses a butterfly-wing fan inside, with a hidden side vent and streamlined air duct design. When the mobile phone is charged at room temperature, the back temperature can be controlled below 39°C. Do not feel hot at any time. With OPPO super player Ace2, the base can automatically enter silent mode when sleeping. In addition, it can provide up to 10W of charging power for other Qi-compliant smart devices.

Oppo AirVOOC Specifications

The AirVOOC wireless flash charger is priced at 249 yuan about ₹2700 INR. It is scheduled to pre-booking today. The OPPO mall will be the first to sell on April 20. It will be reduced by 30 yuan with Ace2 on April 20-30.

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