Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen Release Date Announced

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen Release Date

Huawei officially announced the new Huawei enterprise smart screen products release date on weibo and will introduce new product online conference.

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen Release Date

The new Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen will be unveiled at the 2020 Huawei smart collaboration new product launch on April 17 and bring major technology update.

Earlier we have reported that this enterprise smart screen product can connect mobile phones and computer devices to achieve the effect of multi-screen collaboration, and will also have native conference, ultra-high definition, low latency, cloud application ecology, and end-cloud collaboration, Multi-terminal collaboration and other characteristics.

In terms of appearance, Huawei’s enterprise smart screen will be equipped with a camera, a metal structure body, and a base with wheels, which is convenient for use in different office locations which is demonstrated in video in earlier report.

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