iQOO Neo3 is Really Flagship Killer this time; Top Performance with Flagship Audio and Video

iQOO neo 3 release date is April 23


The top performance coupled with the flagship audio and video iQOO Neo3 is really cruel this time!

The configuration information recently released by iQOO Neo3 is a bit fierce, and everyone guesses that the “3 + 2 flagship supreme package” is locked with high probability.

iQOO neo 3

In a blink of an eye, a quarter has passed in 2020, and for the smartphone market, so far, the first flagships of major brands have all debuted. Although many products have a certain price increase compared to the past, this year is a year of 5G popularity in the true sense.

Currently, the upcoming phones are Honor 30, OnePlus 8, Meizu 17 series, and iQOO Neo3. Among them, iQOO Neo3 can be called the most surprising and best-matched flagship of the known configuration so far, and the price is very likely to bring more surprises.

iQOO Neo series, unique species that are stable, accurate and ruthless

Speaking of the iQOO Neo series, it has to be said that it has always been a unique species in the mobile phone industry. The first-generation iQOO Neo was born in July 2019. While other mid-range models pursue updated main control configurations or stay in the mid-range configuration, the Neo department boldly adopted the previous generation flagship solution Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, plus The ultra-low pricing from ₹20,000 INR soon formed a “dimensionality reduction strike” on similar models equipped with Snapdragon 710 and Snapdragon 730 on the market at that time.

However, what is even more surprising is that in just three months, the iQOO Neo series has once again released a big move. This time, the “iQOO Neo 855 version” was upgraded to the Snapdragon 855 platform in one breath, so that all the 855 flagships at that time took a breath. And it and the “iQOO Neo 855 racing version” that later further upgraded the main control model to the Snapdragon 855 Plus, together constituted the second generation of the iQOO Neo family.

It is worth mentioning that the price of the second-generation iQOO Neo series after the major upgrade is still maintained (iQOO Neo 855 Racing edition starting just from 25k.); and it has once again become the “true fragrance performance flagship” that friends are praising.

“3 + 2 flagship supreme package” released, iQOO Neo3 is scary this time

With the excellent performance and word of mouth of the previous two generations of products, when the relevant news of iQOO Neo3 began to appear, of course everyone has reason to expect its high performance and super-powerful price.

What is the big move of iQOO Neo3 this time? The first to bear the brunt is the 120Hz high refresh rate screen and the Snapdragon 865 5G platform that many people have longed for.

iQOO NEO3 Specifications

For a flagship model in 2020, the Snapdragon 865 is the standard of all-round, but it is really rare to have a 120Hz high refresh rate display. To know that the two “big killer” mobile phones on the market can be counted with one hand, and as for the price, it is the flagship of the flagship, the high-end of the high-end. Because of this, when iQOO Neo3 not only uses the 865 platform and high refresh rate screen, but also crosses the 90Hz threshold and directly “in one step”, it is indeed unexpected by many netizens.

In addition, more fierce material will soon be revealed by the general manager of iQOO product line, and it is also the “3 + 2 flagship supreme package” that everyone has speculated recently.

3 + 2 flagship supreme package

What is “3 + 2”? From the three hints behind, we can make some guesses. For example, “unexpectedly” can refer to performance, can refer to the screen refresh rate, of course, it can also refer to the common characteristics of the current 5G flagships such as network speed or fast charge. Considering that iQOO Neo3 has been determined to be equipped with Snapdragon 865 and 120Hz screen, then “fast” is more likely to be UFS 3.1 flash memory.

What about the remaining “2”? Two messages, “Look at what you can’t see and listen to more beautifully.” Unsurprisingly, it should refer to the display and audio performance of iQOO Neo3. Among them, “listening is more beautiful” is very easy to guess, because the mobile phone Hi-Fi was first promoted by vivo in the industry. Today, whether iQOO Neo3 adds Hi-Fi chips or dual speakers is technically logical.

So “see you can’t see”? Could it be HDR10 + with high brightness and high dynamic range, or MEMC motion compensation that can make low frame rate content smoother, or ultra-clear image repair enhancement technology that has appeared on a few top flagships before?

At present, everyone is unanimously inclined to “3 + 2”: “Snapdragon 865 processor + 120Hz high brush + UFS 3.1 flash memory” and “Hi-Fi sound quality + dual speakers”, wait for the official final hammer!

The iQOO Neo3, will it be a new flagship killer?

To be honest, after seeing the existing breaking information of iQOO Neo3, I believe that there will definitely be friends like us, and I feel that this upgrade is a bit big!

Image Source – weibo

But more than that, this extremely rich screenshot that has just been exposed recently means that iQOO Neo3 is very likely to be equipped with at least 33W FlashCharge, 4500mAh large battery, and will also support Wi-Fi6. It seems that iQOO Neo3 will It will be a reborn change, and it is likely to be a new 5G machine that reaches the industry’s top flagship level.

In this way, the remaining problems are not much, that is, after the configuration is greatly strengthened, and the overall design concept is obviously tilted towards the top flagship, to what degree will the “true fragrance” pricing of iQOO Neo3 be? And will the growing iQOO Neo series become the flagship performance of iQOO in the future?

Finally, there is some information about the time of the conference that everyone cares about, and there will be some information, or it will be locked on April 23, there will be an answer about the above news and speculations, we will wait and see. It is reported that the launch time of iQOO 3 Neo is set to April 23, because of the epidemic, it is still online, but the most special thing is that the venue of this conference is not live or recorded.

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