Honor 30 series dual speaker is full-band high-amplitude and equipped Histen Audio

Honor 30 Series dual speaker

Honor 30 series dual speaker, full-band high-amplitude + Histen Smart Audio

Following the official announcement of the new Honor 30 series of mobile phones by Honor Mobile earlier, officials today have gradually released details about Honor 30 series dual speaker.

The official said that the new Honor 30 series mobile phones will use a full-band high-amplitude dual-speaker configuration to support Histen smart audio + game listening discrimination. At the same time, the official said that the dual speakers are “not enough to serve as the secret of the conference”, and it seems to be hinting that the new Honor 30 series mobile phones will have more cutting-edge technology blessings.

Honor 30 Series dual speaker

Huawei has also had before, such as the previous Honor NOTE 10, Huawei Mate 20X, but at that time it seems that everyone’s demand is not so strong, or there is not so much exaggeration on the Internet, I don’t know why Recently, it seems that there is no dual speaker, and it is not the flagship. The dual speaker design of the Honor 30 series is relatively clever.

Honor 30 Series dual speakers: wisdom to solve multi-scenes “sound quality pain points” dual speakers are more than that, they can also intelligently identify audio scenes and target different scenarios optimized to create a better external effect. For example, in the game scene, the dual speakers can enhance the sound of footsteps and gunshots to achieve a stereo sound effect, which can be identified by listening to the sound.

Earlier Zhao Ming, president of Huawei’s Honor Business Unit, once said that the Honor 30 series “may be the most beautiful phone this year“, and that the Honor 30 series should also debut the Kirin 985 chip. At the same time, according to information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Honor 5G phone model EBG-AN10 (should be Honor 30 Pro) has a 32-megapixel camera on the front and a 50-megapixel main camera on the rear, and supports 5x optical zoom.

The new Honor 30 series of mobile phones will be officially released on April 15.

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