Huawei Smart Screen X65 Review – Cheaper But Superior And top level Flagship

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Review

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Review

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Review of the technology

Huawei’s big move refers to the Huawei Smart Screen X65 – Fantasy-level specifications + original color quality + customized 4K 120Hz HDR OLED screen. Huawei Smart Screen X65 Review – new smart technology and more.

Huawei Smart Screen X65

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Introduction

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Introduction video

TV has been invented for nearly 100 years. It used to be the most important central device in people’s homes, but with the continuous improvement of software and hardware technology, TV has become different for today’s young people. It can bring us the new life experience is no longer limited to the experience of audio and video. Just like, Huawei’s new smart screen flagship new product – Huawei Smart Screen X65, which can break through the inherent boundaries, top OLED panels and sound effects blessings, smart attributes have been upgraded again, large screens in the home have become as smart as smart phones.

The ultimate ultra-thin borderless full screen, the effect is shocking. From the appearance, Huawei Smart Screen X65 adopts a four-sided borderless full screen design, 65-inch LG OLED screen with aluminum alloy anode integrated stamping frame and back shell Compared with other three-sided TVs, the viewing feel is more shocking and immersive; and the thickest part of the fuselage is only 24.9mm, and the use of a special ultra-thin hanger only requires a 5mm wall distance. On the wall.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 dimensions

As we all know, the smart screen is the focus of Huawei ’s strategic deployment. In 2019, Huawei has released the Huawei Smart Screen V series, which has been generally recognized by consumers and professional evaluation agencies. This time, the Huawei Smart Screen X65 is based on the V series. Build, upgrade in all aspects of design aesthetics, smart interaction, audio and video experience, etc., This Huawei’s top flagship in the field of smart screens, priced at 24999 yuan (₹2,68,900 INR).

Huawei Smart Screen X65 back side

Huawei is using the smart screen as the emotional center of the family, making it a link between you and your family. The addition of the 24 megapixel ultra-wide-angle AI eye will not only make the video image clearer but at the same time it can cover more living room areas than ordinary lenses. So that the ability to track smart portraits can be fully utilized.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Features

In terms of parameters, the Huawei Smart Screen X65 uses a 24 megapixel’s ultra-wide-angle camera with effective pixels of 5632 * 4224, a horizontal viewing angle of 95 degrees, a vertical viewing angle of 78 degrees, and a living room coverage area that is more than 3 times that of ordinary lenses. And the pixels are higher and the pictures and videos are clearer.

Power Of AI Smart Eye

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Features

In order to empower AI smart eyes, Huawei Smart Screen X65 is also equipped with a self-developed HiSilicon Hi3559C camera chip, with dual-core NNIE @ 840MHz neural network acceleration engine (dual NPU), which can support the simultaneous execution of two visual algorithms, making smart application scenarios more rich and flexible. Compared with the V series, the AI ​​computing power is increased from 1T to 4T, and the intelligent vision algorithm is more accurate and efficient.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Features

Under the blessing of AI smart eye function, Huawei smart screen X65 also has more smart functions such as AI fitness, unblocked call, WeLink multi-party video call, AI vision, AI KIDS and so on. Among them, the AI ​​vision function will greatly enhance the user experience.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Features

AI vision enhancement brings aerial gesture function, get rid of the shackles of the remote control, and you can touch-free control of the smart screen with your hands. For example, the gesture recognition on the Huawei Smart Screen X65 takes into account the user’s daily operating habits, and supports the direct extension of the palm to complete the pause operation and make the “hush” gesture for silent operation.

Not only that, Huawei Smart Screen X65 also innovatively adopts a continuous detection scheme, which can continuously detect the continuous movement of the hand, and complete the interaction through the fingers and their movements, such as lifting the finger during the video playback, pinching it together, and swiping left and right. The progress can be adjusted, and the volume can be adjusted by swiping up and down, which greatly improves the experience of using the smart screen.

65-inch 4K OLED screen brings beautiful picture quality

For a smart screen product, screen quality is still an important indicator. The Huawei Smart Screen X65 uses a new generation of 65-inch 4K OLED screen, equipped with Huawei’s new self-developed Honghu flagship chip, and the original film color mode, which brings consumers beautiful picture quality.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Features

In terms of parameters, the 4K OLED panel of Huawei Smart Screen X65 can achieve 1000nit HDR peak brightness, has a million-level ultra-high contrast, covers the DCI-P3 98% color gamut, and also supports 120Hz high refresh rate and 1ms response time.

In terms of driver chips, Huawei Smart Screen X65 is equipped with Huawei’s new self-developed Honghu flagship chip, which is customized for OLED, equipped with Honghu AI image quality engine, customized special image quality optimization algorithm for OLED screen display advantages, with 6GB RAM + 128G ROM, the performance is upgraded again. It also supports MEMC motion picture compensation, HDR technology, SR super-resolution technology, NR noise reduction technology, Local DCI local dynamic contrast enhancement, CGM color management system, and CAA anti-burning screen technology.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Features

In terms of the image quality that consumers are concerned about, Huawei Smart Screen X65 brings the original color mode of the movie, and accurately displays the images full of the emotions, thoughts and stories of the film and television creators to the consumers with professional light and shadow color techniques, so that consumers You can also enjoy the original cinematic color atmosphere and light texture at home. In order to make it easier for consumers to understand and remember.

Huawei uses the original color of the film as the core selling point of the color display part. The content of the professional mode also includes support for special display modes such as pictures, photos, printed designs, web pages, and old-style TV videos.

14-Speaker Full-screen Sound Array for Immersive Sound Quality

The sound quality of Huawei’s smart screen has always been a highlight of consumers. This time, Huawei’s smart screen X65 uses a 14-speaker full-screen sound array design. It also uses a theater transparent sound screen design and a full-screen sound field to bring consumers a new experience.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 Features

This 14 speaker include 6 full-range speakers, each full-frequency speaker includes a 3W dome tweeter and a 10W bar full-range speaker; 2 subwoofer speakers, Each subwoofer contains a 3.5-inch 20W subwoofer; the total output power is 75W.

The Huawei Smart Screen X65 refers to the design of the theater transparent sound screen. Six full-range / high-frequency speakers with independent channels are located in the upper, middle, and lower positions on the left and right sides of the screen. At the same time, the sound wave of the speaker is turned 10 degrees outward, through the surround the algorithm coordinates the playback of various full-range speakers, so that audio and video can appear anywhere on the screen, creating a sound and picture integration experience where the sound and the picture are perfectly integrated.

Good hardware also needs to cooperate with good algorithms. Huawei Smart Screen X65 is equipped with Huawei Histen audio technology, using the latest and most advanced audio processing algorithms, combined with psychoacoustic models and auditory perception models, to maximize the performance of various audio equipment. Provide users with the perfect sound quality experience.

Huawei Smart Screen X65, Future Smart Home Center

With the popularity of smart home products, people have more and more experienced the convenience that technology brings to life. As the center of the living room, the smart screen will not only become the home’s smart interaction center, multi-screen experience center, IoT control center, audio-visual entertainment center, but also bring about the expansion of human-machine relationship.

Huawei Smart Screen X65

With Huawei’s deep cultivation in the field of smart screens, the smart screen X65 will set off a major revolution in information consumption and change people’s usage habits through new smart interactive functions. Compared with mobile phones, Pads, and smart speakers, Huawei Smart Screen has inherent advantages such as far-field pickup and a larger screen. It can present information more intuitively, and at the same time connect individual centers represented by mobile phones to become the emotional center of the family.

Huawei HiLink ecosystem has access to 50 million + users, covering 1000+ models and 100+ category products. A series of scientific and technological achievements have also condensed behind Huawei’s smart screen, such as the Hongmeng system, “self-developed fast, lifetime fast”, self-developed AI chips, and Honghu flagship chips. With the continuous development of Huawei in the field of smart screens, it is expected that more new technologies and new gameplay will be applied to smart homes to bring consumers a comfortable and convenient user experience.

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