Honor Play 4T and Play 4T Pro Difference, Specs and Price

Honor Play 4T Pro official Introduction

Honor Play 4T Pro

Honor Play 4T and Play 4T Pro Difference

On the evening of April 9, Honor officially launched the Honor Play 4T and Play 4T Pro mobile phone, which is a trendy play model created by honor for young people. The price is very cheap, starting just from 1199 yuan (about ₹12990 INR).

HONOR Play 4T Pro Official Promotional Video

What is the difference between Honor Play 4T and Play 4T Pro? Here is a simple comparison of the differences between the two mobile phones.

The first is the design / screen. The Honor Play 4T is a 6.39-inch punch hole full-view screen, LCD panel, and 1560×720 resolution.

Honor Play 4T Pro mobile phone is a 6.3-inch water drop screen, OLED panel, 2400×1080 resolution, supports screen fingerprint recognition.

In terms of color matching, Honor Paly 4T Pro has three colors: Magic Night Black, Blue Water Emerald, and Icelandic Environment . Play 4T has two appearances: Magic Night Black and Blue Water Emerald.

In terms of fingerprint recognition, Honor Paly 4T Pro has just said that it is under screen fingerprint recognition, and Honor Paly 4T is rear fingerprint recognition.

On the processor, Honor Paly 4T Pro is Kirin 810, 7nm 8-core, 2x A76 + 6x A55 architecture, while Honor Paly 4T uses Kirin 710A, 12nm process.

Battery of the Honor Paly 4T and 4T Pro are both 4000mAh batteries, but the Honor Paly 4T Pro supports 22.5W super fast charge , USBC interface, Honor Paly 4T or 10W fast charge, micro USB interface.

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The camera department of the Honor Paly 4T Pro is a 48-megapixel three-shot camera, with 8 megapixel ultra-wide angle and 2 megapixel pixel depth of field, while the Honor Paly 4T is a 48-megapixel main camera + 2 megapixel depth of field, dual-camera photography.

In addition, there are some subtle differences between the two phones in terms of memory card, weight, etc., but it has little effect on the experience.

Of course, the main difference between the two is the price. The Honor Play 4T starts at 1199 yuan, and the Honor Play 4T Pro starts at 1499 yuan, which is 300 yuan more expensive and there is also a 8GB RAM version priced at 1699 yaun.

If the budget is not so tight card, then 1499 yuan glory Play 4T Pro is actually more appropriate aspects, 7nm chip, OLED screen + fingerprint screen, 48 megapixel triple camera, 22.5W large battery fast charge + configuration very balanced, it is recommended.

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