Huawei AR Map Live Demo; Digital World That Seamlessly Integrates With Reality

Huawei AR Map Introduction

Huawei AR Map Introduction

Huawei AR Map Introduction

Huawei P40 series conference tonight, Yu Chengdong introduced a new Huawei AR map. The official said that it achieved 4 billion 3D information points per square kilometer and restored the real world 1:1.

Huawei AR Maps is now also available on the Huawei App Store. Based on Huawei River Map technology, it currently supports only Huawei P40 series.

Huawei AR map opens a new digital world. Currently only supports Huawei P40 series models. Huawei AR maps are built on Huawei’s Cyberverse technology and are dedicated to creating an ” earth-level, evolving, new digital world that seamlessly integrates with reality .” Here, the boundary between the digital virtual world and the real world is lost, the entire real world becomes a panel for information display, and various real-time information is superimposed and displayed in the real environment you are in, allowing you to easily find the legendary influence Punch points, recent toilets, and interesting stories that happened in space and time.

The whole real world becomes a paradise where games can be played. The real world is the birthplace of your endless fun. Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and Nanjing Road Bund are the first batch of open beta services on Huawei AR maps.

Huawei AR Map Features

1) AR live navigation: The current position can be recognized by lifting the phone, and the target point can be determined. After the navigation is initiated, the navigation guidance can be intuitively presented on the real-time image.

2) Holographic information display: When you locate successfully and look around the world, you will see various information signs, click to get more detailed introduction.

3) Take photos of the fusion of virtual and real: You will find flying fairies or mythical beasts crossing the world of the river in the real space. Take photos or videos of them. You can also take photos with virtual characters with the help of your partners.

4) A variety of virtual activities: In a world of virtual and real integration, you can participate in wonderful virtual activities. The koi swimming on Nanjing Road and the speeding cars in the streets may become your biggest surprises this summer.

Huawei AR Map Live Demonstration

Huawei Ar Map Live Demonstration

According to introduction, Huawei AR map is a centimeter-level 3D map with 4 billion 3D information points per square kilometer, 1: 1 restoration of the real world. Huawei AR map supports AI 3D object recognition, and accurately integrates 3D images in millimeters.

Huawei AR maps support virtual and real light and shadow tracking. Officials claim that it can achieve seamless integration of real and virtual worlds. AR Maps also brings a new navigation method, supporting live guidance, information signs and AI explanations. Huawei AR map also allows users to experience Dunhuang Mogao Caves in a virtual way.

You can download Huawei AR Map from here via Huawei App Store, but for successful installation you need one of Huawei P40.

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