OnePlus 8 Series Video Capability Enhanced in Major Sence

OnePlus 8 Series Video Capability

OnePlus 8 Series

OnePlus 8 Series Video Capability

We are very close to the launch of the OnePlus 8 series, and the official is currently warming up frequently on twitter, weibo and on official community page. The series will be released online at 8:30 PM IST, April 14, 2020 globally and on April 16 in China. Now, Pete Lau teasing OnePlus 8 video capability published a short video.

Shot on OnePlus 8

After emphasizing the excellent 120hz screen many times, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said on weibo that if a good screen needs excellent science and technology, then I think that for a new generation of flagship machine emperor, all functions should also be done hit.

In some pain point scenes, OnePlus 8 series cameras have made great progress. For example, when shooting a video against the light, in the past you would be caught in a dilemma: should you keep the beauty or see the face? Now even under dim backlighting, OnePlus 8 allow you to “make a good shot with just one shot.”

Judging from the video released by Pete Lau, the OnePlus 8 series video recording function has greatly improved compared to the previous generation. The environment can also clearly capture the faces of people, while the brightness is not affected.

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