Huawei Smart Screen X65 OLED with 24MP Cam, 14 Speaker and more

Huawei Smart Screen X65

Huawei Smart Screen X65 OLED Poster Exposure

Huawei previously officially announced a new smart screen flagship product, using a larger set of front pop-up camera. Today, well known weibo blogger Changan Digital Jun exposed a set of new Huawei smart screen X65 poster and related Specifications of TV set.

Huawei Smart Screen X65

According to the blogger, the new Huawei Smart Screen X65 will use a 24-megapixel ultra-wide-angle AI smart-eye front camera. Huawei X65 OLED will able to produce orignal movie color, this new smart screen using OLED display and a fourteen speaker for full screen surrounding sound effects.

In addition to pixel-level self-illumination and ultra-high peak brightness, it will also bring Ultra-high contrast, high refresh rate and high color gamut coverage and other highlights. At the same time, he emphasized that the new Huawei Smart Screen will adopt an ultra-thin design, and at the same time, from the poster, this Huawei Smart Screen X65 uses an “I” design on the back.

From the current official preheated content, this Huawei smart screen flagship new product will adopt full-screen sound field technology in addition to the confirmation of the “AI Smart Eye”. Huawei’s new flagship smart screen product expected to be Huawei’s most expensive terminal product, and it will be another focus product after mobile phones.

The new flagship product of Huawei Smart Screen X65 will be officially released on April 8.

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