Why does it say that Honor 30S has Flagship Level Camera? Is that Sony IMX682 or?

Honor 30s Camera Technology

Honor 30s Camera Technology

Honor 30s Flagship Level Camera Technology – Sony IMX682

To record life with a mobile phone has become the choice of more and more young people, so users are also more and more concerned about the shooting effect of mobile phones. For that Honor integrated the flagship Kirin ISP 5.0 capability into the Kirin 820, so that the Honor 30S has a fully upgraded video processing capability. In addition Honor 30s is first phone to introduce Sony IMX682 sensor.

Honor 30s

Kirin ISP 5.0

The addition of Kirin ISP 5.0 also improves the Honor 30S’s camera throughput capacity by 15% and energy efficiency by 15%, making the Honor 30S truly flagship image capability.

Honor 30s camera technology

When the mobile phone is shot at night or in low light conditions, noise is prone to appear, which greatly reduces the image quality. Therefore, having a mobile phone with strong noise reduction capability has become a demand for more and more users.

Kirin ISP 5.0

BM3D Technology

Friends who are familiar with photography should know that the strongest noise reduction technology in the field of photography is BM3D. However, because the phone body is too small and the technology of BM3D is very complicated, BM3D usually appears on SLR cameras, which is difficult for mobile phone users.

Experience this technology, until the emergence of Kirin 990 integrated Kirin ISP 5.0, the technology for BM3D was first implemented on mobile phones. In order to allow more consumers to experience better camera effects, Honor have inherited the noise reduction capability of the Kirin 990 chip, and boldly incorporated BM3D into the Kirin 820, which greatly improved the Honor 30s image quality, so can take very clear photos in dark light.

SLR-level image processing capabilities combined with flagship camera modules, the image capabilities of the Honor 30S needless to say.

Sony IMX682

And finally one most important thing probably we have missed or does not noticed, that is Honor 30s is first phone with latest Sony IMX682 imaging sensor. Sony IMX 682 resolution is 64 megapixel with f/1.8 aperture + AF, 1.6um pixel size and supports EIS / AIS image stabilization.

Honor 30s featuring Sony IMX682 Sensor

Honor 30s with kirin 990 ISP 5.0, BM3D and latest Sony IMX682 imaging sensor, it deliver flagship level photography and videography.

Honor 30s Camera Sample

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