Oppo Ace Infinity with FreeVOOC Air Charging within 10 Meter teased in Video

Oppo Ace Infinity

Oppo Ace Infinity

Oppo Ace Infinity | Oppo FreeVOOC

OPPO today announced a mysterious OPPO Ace infinity promotional video which also highlights space charging “FreeVOOC” that can charge phone in air upto 10 meters range.

Oppo Ace Infinity official teaser

It can be seen from the video that this new “OPPO Ace infinity” is equipped with the world’s first FreeVOOC air-space charging technology, which can achieve a stable charging power of 5-10W within 10 meters. Officials say the technology fulfills the vision of “wherever the phone is, the battery will follow.”

Oppo Ace Infinity

The technology can locate the device in real time through an invisible laser, and charge through the nano-photosensitive side. The latter consists of an outer layer, an absorption layer, a conversion layer and a conductive layer.

Oppo FreeVOOC Charging

The video is purely fictitious. Oppo FreeVOOC is yearning for the future charging technology. In more simple words, Its special feature is that it is an active charging technology, which first locates the mobile phone and then charges it. If the phone is not moving, it will be locked and the power will gradually increase to achieve faster charging. Once the path is interrupted, it will be scanned again. In addition, the reflective device in the video is artistically processed. In fact, as long as some mini reflective pieces are placed in the home.

At the same time, the device in the video adopts a full-frame design without borders, and three vertical shots on the back are not raised.

Although it is April Fool’s Day, the truth is only Oppo knows. It shows that OPPO already has ideas and is doing it. In our previous report we found that Zhang Jialiang, chief scientist of OPPO VOOC flash charging, has opened a personal weibo. He said that OPPO’s 40W wireless charging will be officially commercialized this year. It is reported that OPPO Ace 2 will launch the world’s first 40w wireless fast charging technology, but no more relevant information has been exposed.

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