Flagship Huawei Smart Screen with Larger Pop-up Camera Coming Next

Flagship Huawei Smart Screen

Flagship Huawei Smart Screen

Flagship Huawei Smart Screen

This morning, Huawei officially announced a new flagship Huawei Smart Screen and released the corresponding official poster. The domestic conference will be held on April 8th. Along with P40 series, a heavyweight new product release at the domestic press conference.

At the new product conference held by Huawei last week, Yu Chengdong brought Huawei’s flagship new machine P40 series in the first half of the year. This conference was released overseas.

Flagship Huawei Smart Screen

As can be seen from the poster picture, this new flagship Huawei smart screen will use a pop-up camera, but the area of ​​this pop-up device is much larger than the previous generation. In addition, this new product has a narrow upper bezel. I don’t know if it has a 3D deep sensor lens and supports motion capture. At present, there is no more information about this flagship new product of Huawei Smart Screen.

However, the poster shows that Huawei ’s flagship new smart screen product will be released on April 8. Previously, Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong said that Huawei still has a big move, and this product will launch in China on April 8. It is unclear whether Yu Chengdong’s “big move” is this flagship new product of Huawei’s smart screen or something else.

It is known from the copy that this heavyweight new product is Huawei’s new smart screen new product, and from the picture, this smart screen TV seems to use a module that can be raised and lowered on the top, the module area is also very Large, in addition to face recognition and call interaction, it is estimated that there will be new gameplay.

At present, the largest area for mobile phone manufacturers to make TVs has been pulled to 98 inches by Redmi, so the media predicts that this new smart screen of Huawei will also reach a new height in size. Of course, the price will also be a new height. See you at the press conference on April 8.

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