Honor 30s Ai Benchmark; Left Behind All Non Kirin Phones

Honor 30s Ai Benchmark; Left Behind All Non Kirin Phones 1

Honor 30s Ai Benchmark

Honor 30s Equipped with Kirin 820 not only has strong strong performance, but also has a stronger actual experience. I’m just curious. According to well known weibo blogger, Digital Courage, Honor 30s Ai Benchmark scores is 60114 points which left behind all non Huawei-honor brands.

Honor 30s AI Benchmark

The first AI running points of Honor 30S which equipped with Kirin 820 was released, with a total score of 60114, second only to Kirin 990, which is much higher than models equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 855plus. It can be speculated that the Honor 30S is superior in AI computing power.

However this running results yet to be published on official Ai Benchmark website. If it published, than top four smart phone in Ai performance will be from Huawei.

Current Ai Benchmark Ranking

The flagship level will definitely be powerful in terms of taking pictures, systems, and experiences. According to the Antutu Benchmark and Geekbench Performance running score Hisilicon’s Kirin 820, Performance is very notable and comparable with flagship SoC.

Honor 30s and Kirin 820 will release together on 30th March, through online conference.

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