Uses of LiDAR Sensor On iPad Pro 2020 Explained in Video

Uses of LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro

Uses of LiDAR Sensor on iPad Pro

Apple has officially released a new iPad Pro with a LiDAR sensor, and a introduction was recently released which showing uses of LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro. Let’s take a look.

Uses of LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro ( Video By Rene Ritchie |Instagram )

LiDAR sensors can be used in augmented reality (AR) applications, a feature that improves distance and measurement accuracy. This sensor can record the time it takes for the signal to fold back at a very fast speed to generate a 3D model, which is more accurate than ordinary cameras.

At the same time, the principle of the LiDAR sensor is like the way a bat “sees” the world around it: using pulses to generate images. Apple iPad Pro 2020 uses data from motion sensors and cameras to help improve image accuracy. Apple said that each ARKit application will “automatically obtain AR position to improve motion capture capabilities.”

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Take the Measure application as an example. After the LiDAR sensor is added, the application will be able to accurately calculate data such as height. A new ruler view will be added in future updates. In addition, developers will be able to use the new Scene Geometry API to maximize the capabilities of LiDAR sensors. At the same time, because the LiDAR sensor uses a laser, it can ensure normal operation regardless of day or night, but it may affect its accuracy if used in scenarios such as rain.

LiDAR sensors have previously been used in other areas: the most prominent of which are automotive systems designed to assist self-driving cars or automatic steering safety functions.

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