Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Camera Specifications & Sample, Support 8K & 30x Zoom

Redmi K30 Pro 8K Video Recording

Redmi K30 Pro 8K Video Recording

Today Redmi officially announced the new Redmi K30 Pro camera specifications in detail. Redmi does not mentioned this specification for standard version or for Zoom version. While reviewing specification, this should be Redmi K30 Pro Zoom camera specifications.

It supports 3x optical zoom, 30x digital zoom, and SAT (smooth zoom). This is also the first time Redmi is equipped with ultra-long zoom.

Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Camera Specifications

Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Camera Sample

Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Camera

According to the official introduction, the new Redmi K30 Pro uses a 64 megapixel ultra-clear main camera + 3x optical telephoto lens . At the same time, the Redmi K30 Pro is equipped with dual OIS optical image stabilization technology for the first time. Officials say that when users take ultra-clear photos with 64 megapixel cameras or 3x optical telephoto lenses for long-distance shots, the Redmi K30 Pro can provide a stable picture and effectively offset the blurring effect of mobile phone shake. However, the official hardware parameters of the all four cameras have not yet been released.

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Redmi K30 Pro, The 64 megapixel main camera supports 4-axis optical image stabilization, which can correct the shake of horizontal + vertical + forward tilt + roll, which is not only helpful when taking pictures, but also can record more stable video. In addition to ultra clear photos, Redmi K30 Pro 8K video recording at resolution of 7680 × 4320 also supported.

Redmi K30 Pro Video Stabilization

The 4-axis optical anti-shake technology detects the four axial shakes at high speed through the gyroscope and acceleration sensor in the mobile phone, transmits the signal to the OIS processing end to calculate the displacement that needs to be compensated, and then transmits the data to the micro drive motor in real time. Quickly adjust the attitude of the camera module to effectively overcome image blur caused by mobile phone shake.

Redmi K30 Pro Gray Color

Redmi Redmi officially announced today the gray version of the Redmi K30 Pro gray color renderings, and it is accompanied by the text “Nine days, clear light, unique clouds and melodious” text.

Redmi K30 Pro Gray Color

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